Uniquely Made

Photo by Piron Guillaume (unsplash)

My husband and I live in a part of the country in which we have very harsh winters. Well this winter, first time ever, we were blessed by Father God to vacation in a warm/hot climate for 4 days to escape our cold days. We were like two little kids, excitedly packing to get away from the cold weather. Florida here we come!

No driving this time, we decided flying was the way to go and rent a car when we arrived in Florida. What a difference with flying vs. driving, we were so relaxed upon arrival. We checked into the resort and were now ready to explore Fort Lauderdale. As we walked around taking in the sites, the people were very friendly. It was quite an experience listening to the various languages we heard that represented the different nationalities in the area we were staying.

On the second day of our vacation we explored the beach by taking a long walk on the beach barefooted. I have arthritis in my toes, so the warm sand was very therapeutic on my feet. As we strolled along the beach, I began to find sea shells the size of nickels and dimes, 12 to be exact.ย  As I examined each shell, I noticed each one was uniquely designed in color and shape. The shells were so distinctly created, some even had holes at the top of the shell, large enough to thread a chain through, making a necklace.

These seashells reminded me of the day before when I was surrounded by the many different nationalities in Fort Lauderdale. I then began to think about how God in His wisdom, created each and every one of us uniquely different in character, personality, and talents, just as the seashells. Psalms 139:14 says “we are fearfully and wonderful made” and Ephesians 2:10 “we are His workmanship.” We didn’t wake up one day evolved into the person we have come to be! It was God’s workmanship that created and designed you and me with a unique purpose that only we can fulfill individually. When one takes the time to reflect on the many different cultures and makeup of each person created by God, and the talents He gifted each of us with, we can only say “WE SERVE AN INCREDIBLY, AWESOME GOD!

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