How Do You Measure Wealth?

Photo by: Katie Harp

Whenever my husband and I travel we pray asking Father God to order our steps, so this past weekend was no different. After praying while on a get-away week-end, He led us to eat at a local restaurant in the town we were visiting. Once inside the restaurant we were amazed at how welcoming the hostess was! After being seated the waitress appeared, and she was just as welcoming and friendly as the hostess. The restaurant was full, and even though she had several other tables to service, she wasn’t hurried or frazzled, she gave us her full attention – once again we were totally amazed.

While eating our food, the General Manager stopped by our table to inquire about our food and service. My husband said he enjoyed the food and that we would come again the next time we stopped in this town. The manager thanked us and said God Bless you. He turned to walk away, but he stopped and he just stood there for a second or two and came back to continue talking.

The General Manager began to explain to us he was 63 years old and why he was still working in the food service industry. It was if he felt he had to pour his feelings out to us. He got down on his knees at our table and for 15 minutes gave testimony of his life from the time of his salvation at 9 years old, to the death of his father at age 15, to his marriage, and birth of his children, including a daughter who died at full-term during birth, and the blessing of a much needed car for work. He went on to tell us his three children are saved and God put each of them through college, even though he couldn’t afford it. He ended his life’s testimony by saying, “I know I should have done more with my life, like be a pastor knowing the Lord the way I do, but I couldn’t seem to make it happen.”

As we listened, the Lord said, “he’s seeking validation, he needs to know how wealthy he is!” We told him we are ordained ministers and we began to encourage him in the Lord. We started by explaining to him through scripture how wealthy he is in the Kingdom of God. Men measure wealth in dollars and material possessions; but true wealth is measured in spiritual blessings from Father God, and he was truly being blessed spiritually.

The General Manager’s walk was one of faith and patience, but unfortunately he was comparing himself with others he thought were more successful. We explained to him the true measure of a man’s wealth is found in Matthew 6:33 “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added.” Father God gave him wisdom to manage, successfully every restaurant he worked at as a manager. He taught his staff how to treat customers, which was evident with the service we received. The General Manager told us, he needed to hear these words of encouragement, he didn’t realized how wealthy he truly was in the eyes of God and his fellow Believers. This is a lesson we should all be reminded of – in the Kingdom of God wealth is not measured in terms of money or material possessions. Psalms 49:6-7 warns Believers against trusting in wealth, it reads money and possessions can’t save us or redeem us.

This wonderful experience reminded me of Peter in Acts 10 when God sent him to Cornelius to explain salvation. This General Manager was doubting his self-worth and position in the Kingdom of God. God sent us, his brother and sister in the Lord, to comfort him with reassuring Words from the Lord. Friends, don’t ever think your position is unimportant! Father God places all His Children in positions where they can bloom for His Kingdom. Everything we do that brings glory to Father God is eternal wealth that can’t be measured with the wealth on earth. “Bloom where you are planted trusting Father God for your provisions!”