Whose Hiding Behind The Scenes

Photo by: Hayes Potter

Whenever something bad happens in one’s life, the first reaction is, “God why did you allow this to happen to me” or “if God is a good and loving God why does He allow bad things to happen?” Well it is time to expose the enemy of all mankind! Whether saved or unsaved our enemy is SATAN. He is a fallen angel who hates God and hates God’s creation – mankind. He attacks God by attacking us and he doesn’t care whether you are a believer or unbeliever, he doesn’t care what religion or faith you serve – all that matters to satan and his demons is how to destroy God’s creation.

Isaiah 14:23, tells us satan, originally named Lucifer, was kicked out of heaven because of his revolt against God. Lucifer was thrown out of heaven and took 1/3 of the angels with him (“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” ). Satan and his demons love to stir up confusion and distractions that tempts individuals into blaming God. A good example of this is found in Genesis when satan tempted Eve. He didn’t have another person to hide behind the scenes, so he used a serpent. Speaking through the serpent he stirred up doubtful thoughts in Eve’s mind, which caused her to doubt God’s Word. Eve then gave Adam fruit from the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil. When Adam was confronted by God, he blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent. Notice what Adam said, “this woman you gave me!” Adam is blaming God for his disobedience by accusing God for giving him a wife. Eve blames the serpent! Notice neither blame the actual deceiver, satan. (Genesis 3:8-14).

Adam was without excuse! God forewarned him to keep the Garden of Eden (the word “keep” in Hebrew means to guard, observe, watch or protect). What was Adam to protect or guard the Garden from? Could it be that God had forewarned Adam of satan, the predator? (Genesis 2:15). Satan has been using this same deceptive trick of using people (saved or unsaved) things, and situations to destroy, steal or kill one another.

Not too long ago, I was ministering with a young lady, named Mary, who was having a problem with Alice, whom she thought was her friend. Alice was spreading rumors about Mary that weren’t true. Naturally, Mary was quite upset and wanted to know why God was allowing this slander against her. I pointed out to Mary how satan hides behind the scenes using people to hurt one another. In this case, satan was using Alice to kill Mary’s reputation. Why? Alice was jealous of Mary.

The Bible reveals to us three examples of why the enemy (satan) attacks mankind: if you are a righteous believer; a believer walking in disobedience; or an unbeliever rejecting the truth.

Righteous believers will be “persecuted” for living a godly life. Satan will use people or circumstances in an attempt to steal, kill or destroy our faith in God, our testimonies, our relationships (especially marriages), our children, our finances, our schools, cities, nations, etc.

Believers walking in disobedience are separating themselves from the protection of God. These individuals need to repent and return to the protective hand of Father God. The nation of Israel is a good example of what happens when we live a life of disobedience. (Deut. 28 lists the blessings and the curses).

Mankind who reject the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ will also live a life of persecution, temptation, and trials, but they will also follow satan and his demons to the destination of eternal hell where the fire never goes out.

Believers are to be alert knowing there is an enemy lurking about who wants to destroy them. We are to stay clothed with the armour of God trusting Father God to fight every battle as we are obedient to His Word. Remember, satan and his demons hide behind people, things and circumstances to make their attacks. It’s a demon spirit behind that person, thing or circumstance, not the person! Pray to Father for wisdom and help and pray for those persecuting you! Father God will expose them and fight the battle for you. Stay connected to Father and you will always be victorious!