A Divine Appointment

Photo by: Priscilla duPreez

A friend and I went on a road trip to visit another friend who lives a 100 or so miles away.  Little did we know that this trip, which we planned months ago, was a divine appointment by Father God. We soon found out, this was a trip to minister to our friend needing Father God’s comforting “words of life” spoken to her.

After being on the road for 2-1/2 hours we arrived safely at our destination.  We had just walked through the door of our friend’s home when she received a phone call that would become life-changing.  It was a call from her doctor and the news wasn’t good!  Immediately, after talking with the doctor and hearing the diagnosis and options, tears and fear burst through.  We began comforting her with Father God’s promises of healing and protection.

This was a divine appointment because Father knew beforehand our friend would be home alone, and that she would receive this unwelcomed call that would flood her heart and mind with fear!  To reaffirm His love to our friend, He made sure she would have physical presence with her when she received the call with bad news.  Father, being the loving Father He is, pre-planned for us to be at her home at the right time and at the right moment when the unwanted news was delivered.  I truly believe we were His “sent” ambassadors to uplift and encourage our Sister, who needed reminding of Father’s promises.

This reminds me of the children of Israel.  God sent Moses to the house of Israel to speak comfortably to them in Egypt while in slavery.  Through Moses, God delivered them from slavery and took them into the wilderness.  God knew beforehand He was going to deliver the Israelite children from 430 years of slavery, from the hand of an evil dictator in Egypt. He also knew they would have fears and become rebellious in Spirit, but that didn’t stop His visit and rescue!  What was so beautiful about the entire rescue of the children of Israel was that Father God didn’t forget the promise He made to Abraham concerning his seed – the children of Israel.  He delivered the Israelites with a strong, but loving arm from a mean and evil dictator, Pharaoh.

While in the wilderness, Father God reached out to the children of Israel to remind them of the Covenant He made with their Father Abraham.  Through Moses, He encouraged them by telling them He would be their Father, Leader, Protector, and Provider.  Many didn’t believe; and unfortunately, those who failed to believe did not enter into the Promised Land.

What is so amazing about this story is that in spite of many of the children of Israel’s rebellious spirit, Father God’s presence never left them.  He manifested His presence by fire during the night and by cloud during the day.

Father God sent me and my friend to His daughter who needed reminded of His presence, promises, protection, and provision.  She believed on His promises and embraced Him.  God was faithful toward our friend! She made it through surgery and Father was with her then and now.  He promises to never leave us nor forsake us!  Our friend will have many testimonies to share of Father’s faithfulness and goodness in her life to others.

Whatever you are going through right now, I encourage you to remember Father God’s promises and speak them loudly in the atmosphere.   Strengthen and encourage yourself in Father’s Word!  Don’t doubt His Word!  God’s Word is alive and active and will preform what it is purposed to do.  He never forgets, nor does He sleep or slumber.  God is our Good Shepherd who watches over His Sheep, which we are!