Childhood Memories

Photo By unsplash

 Article by:  Charles S. Head

 As I sat quietly early one morning, my mind drifted back to my childhood memories.  Some of them were more precious than others.  As children we have a tendency to imitate our parents and other adults, and in the process some of them become our heroes, while others affect us by influencing us with their character.  Whatever the case may have been, I found myself trying to act like them.

As a young boy I often went to church with my Mother, along with my four siblings.  During Church service there were many songs that I remember, but there was one particular song that stayed in my memory more than others that were sung during the service.  After one particular service, on a nice summer day, if I remember correctly, myself and two of my siblings arrived home, went out to our back yard under a tree and decided to have our “song service.”  We began to sing a song that wouldn’t leave my mind, a song known as “Come By Here My Lord, Come By Here.”  As I sang that song, even as a young boy, I felt God’s presence come over me and tears began to flow down my cheek.  This experience became an eye opener in my life for two reasons:  1) that day I learned the Lord is real, and 2) that the Lord had His hand on my life.  All through my young life I had many of these experiences, even when I drifted away from the Lord, I knew He had His hand on me, waiting for me to say “yes” to His love.

My rich heritage from the Lord came from my Mother, who was my godly hero.  Although she spent many of her years in a wheelchair, I would hear her pray and praise the Lord more than being a complainer.  I knew she had pain all through her body every day, but that didn’t stop her, she had enough of Jesus in her to tell me the truth about eternity with Jesus; and I must add, she kept more smiles than frowns.  It was through my Mother’s prayers and life of love for Jesus, along with precious memories that brought me to salvation.

I have no regrets today!  Before God took my Mother to Heaven, she was crippled and in a wheelchair, but I know when I am reunited with her in Heaven someday, she will be completely whole and healthy.  Thank God for my childhood memories and that I am saved today because of those experiences.

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