About Us

Photo by Toa Heftila (unsplash)

Hello fellow Bloggers! I would like to take a little of your time to introduce myself and husband to everyone. As you know by now my name is Georgetta. I am married almost 18 years to a wonderful man of God, named Charles. We both write articles for this Blog site JourneyInHisWord (www.journeythroughlifeminisyries.com).

Our marriage is a blended union, both having been married before. His first wife, a woman of God, passed away at a very young age with a rare heart disease. I was divorced due to having married a self-absorbed abuser. I have 4 wonderful children and 13 amazing grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. My husband has 5 children, 14 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. I must admit, blended family’s, no matter what the age of the children, are most difficult to work through. God willing I may post some of my stories with the motive of helping someone who is struggling through a blended marriage. Our meeting was a supernatural encounter orchestrated by Father God and we are still together because we choose to keep Father God as priority in our relationship and keep toxic people out.

We both took early retirement from our jobs to do what we enjoy doing together – traveling. The two of us have an adventurous spirit, loving to explore our wonderful country. I love to read, knit and crochet, and I am a Mary Kay Consultant of 25 years. My husband loves studying God’s Word and working with his hands. God has also blessed me with the privilege of teaching, one day a week, at a local Bible School to students pursuing their Ministry License or Ordination.

Finally, Father God has blessed my husband and I with a ministry to manage for Him, www.journeythroughlifeministries.net(website). We teach men, women and youth “Victorious Living” in Christ. So, as you just read, we are two busy people, but it doesn’t stop there! We had to limit our traveling because we were given full custody of one of our grandchildren in the midst of our busy schedule. We have had him for 7-1/2 years now, with him only being in grade school. Father God has us on an interesting journey, filled with lots of events and trials, keeping us before Him in prayer for strength, wisdom and help. Thanks for reading.