He Knows Your Name

Growing up was not always easy, we all at one time or another wandered away from home or were disobedient to our mother or father or both. However, they didn’t disown us, when we came to our senses, they welcomed us back, and be disciplined for our wrongful actions, but eventually we learned a valuable lesson.

Similarly is the Kingdom of God. There are many children of God who have wandered from the Fold. Some because of guilt and shame, some because of unforgiveness, and some because of unconfessed sin. God has not forgotten those who have wandered from the Fold, He is waiting for them to come to their senses. He will welcome them back!  They, unfortunately have forgotten that Jesus’ death and resurrection was for all sins and iniquities of the world (for whosoever will accept Jesus), which includes prodigal children of God.

Friend, if you are a wandering prodigal, Father God is calling out to you today.  He knows your name and He is waiting with outstretched arms for you! Pray unto Him now, He will forgive you. Life is too precious to be outside the Fold (Kingdom) of God. There isn’t a sin God won’t forgive!  He’s waiting for you. Your forgiveness is just a prayer away to Father’s ears. He’s waiting, talk to Him now!