Author’s Recognition Award

Thank you Dawn for nominating me. It’s commendable of you to think of others in this way! I am enjoying your book, “Drawing Closer To Christ?”

Purpose of the Award
This award was created by Beverley @ Becomingtheoilandwine blog to support our fellow bloggers who have written and published books or who are in the process of writing a book. You are free to write as much as possible about your book and the reasons why you have decided to write a book. Remember, we are all winners in the Kingdom of God, and God wants the best for us.

I am new to our Blog Family so forgive me for not knowing all kn the family that are published authors. So with that said I acknowledge everyone that Dawn has nominated and they are listed below.

Rules of the Award
• Create a new post on your blog using the above picture logo or create one of your own.
• Copy and paste the Purpose of the Award and the Rules of the Award on your post.
• Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
• Include the links to the creator of the Award and the inspirational post: Celebrating and Supporting our fellow Authors.
• Write a brief description of the books you have written or the book that you are currently writing.
• Include a link to your published books or the potential date of publishing.
• Nominate at least five bloggers who have published a book or who are currently writing or thinking about writing a book.
• Support at least one of the bloggers you have nominated by either purchasing one of their books or sharing the links to their books.
• If a nominee has not written a book, share one of their blog posts.

I have 1 published journal “Revealing God’s Love.” This is an interactive journal guiding you with scripture God’s love for us.

We are currently developing monthly online Bible lessons “Principles for Victorious Living.” Each Study Guide and accompanying videos are teachings about principles from the Bible to help individuals live a victorious and abundant lifestyle. I am also writing a book “A Journey With Love.” And we publish a quarterly newsletter through our ministry Journey Through Life Ministries.

Revealing God’s Love 40-Day Journal

Principles for Victorious Living” Online Bible Lessons

To My Nominees: Thank you for your contributions! I look forward to hearing more about your books, if you choose to participate. Even if you have not written a book, thanks for the beautiful writings you share here on the blog. Hopefully you will publish your writings one day soon!

To anyone reading this: If you are an author please feel free to accept this award and tell us more about your book(s).

Dawn’s books:

Drawing Closer to Christ: Honoring Jesus At Work

Drawing Closer to Christ: Her Hurting Heart Healed: Relying on the love of Jesus to heal your heart

Drawing Closer to Christ: 31 Days of Inspirational Writings to Help Encourage Your Faith in Jesus

Marisa has a book called, Broken Cookies Taste Just as Sweet: The Amazing Grace of Motherhood, Marriage, and Miracles on the Spectrum

Vivian mentioned her friend Kim’s book, “Learning To Be Content”. Kim also has other books available.

Yonnie shares the gift of life through poetry, stories, testimonies, and creative writing.

Brother Craig shares his poetry and creative writings.

Giftedminds Writers has a variety of online books available.

Warren shares a variety of heartfelt and thought provoking writings.

Carly hopes to publish her book, “Good Enough” this summer. She will share her story of transformation.

Thank you for reading 😊👣