I Know I Am Growing In My Relationship With God When!

I am still in the process of spring cleaning my office when I found this 19-point checklist for discovering our spiritual growth in the Lord.  This list is not mind, it was sent to me years ago by a friend and unfortunately the Author is unknown.  I thought this would be a great list to share as a personal checklist.

  1. I am growing hungry to know God more – His ways, character, love, etc.
  2. I have an ever increasing desire to know God’s truth for my life: finance, family, relationship, etc.
  3. I have an increased awareness of my sinfulness (weaknesses, potential to sin) and His grace to forgive and help me.
  4. I am responding to sin quickly and seeking God’s help to deal with it. (Stop rationalizing sin!)
  5. I am relying more and more on Holy Spirit to work in me. Trusting God to enable me!
  6. My spiritual battles are more intense and yet I am still rejoicing.
  7. I am able to view (discern) trials and temptations as spiritual growth and opportunities to learn of God and His blessings.
  8. I consider my service for God as a high honor to Him.
  9. I view all that comes my way as a trial or test from God.
  10. My faith grows stronger. My life is a life of faith learning to trust God for bigger things!  God is honored by the size of our request.
  11. My desire to obey Him is far more attractive then this world’s offerings.
  12. I am eager to share with others Jesus Christ. I am no longer selfish and self-centered.
  13. I become more and more like our Lord.
  14. I delight to do and give into the Lord’s work. I consider my tithing as an expression of love and gratitude to God.
  15. I experience more of God’s presence in my life (evidence of His presence). Knowing I belong to God!
  16. My private devotional life is priority in my life. The time I spend with God is precious.
  17. I become more content spending time with God quietly letting Holy Spirit guide my thinking and listening to God.
  18. My decisions are based on God’s decisions for my life. What pleases God is important to me.  Evidence of my growth is when I want to go to God asking Him for His will in my life.  Intimacy of our relationship!
  19. Jesus is the primary focus in my life.

Author Unknown.

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