The Lockdown Tag

I would like to thank Herry of for nominating me for this award. 

I connected with Herry’s blog several months ago and have been very much inspired by her writings.  She shares her love for the Lord and her personal experiences in a creative way that points the reader to the fact that, “she is who she is” because of Father God directing and guiding her through life with many life experiences to share with others to help them along the way.

Rules for the Award:

Thank the person who nominated you. Answer the blogger’s questions. Nominate other bloggers.

Question:  Overall, how are you handling the quarantine?

Answer: At first I was nervous about the scare of this evil virus, but with time spent in prayer with Father God, I now have peace about this quarantine!  God is still in control of world events and will take care of His children.

Question:  Have you violated any of the restrictions? If yes, what rule(s) did you break? Answer:   No. As a child of God I obey civil rules as commanded in the Bible.

Question:   What viral recipes have you tried during the lockdown? Answer:   Copy Cat Hamburger Helper.  It turned out really good and tasted better than the boxed version.

Question:  What activities have you missed the most during quarantine? Answer:   I miss meeting with my Women’s Group and going to my place of Worship.

Question:  Do you wear a mask when you leave the house? Answer:  Yes!  We aren’t allow to go into stores, etc., without a mask

Question:  Are you an essential worker? If yes, what is your job title? Answer:   No

Question:  How do you exercise during the lock down? Answer:   I work out on my treadmill and my pilates equipment.

Question:  Have you subscribed to any new subscription services since the lock down started?Answer: No.

Question:  What did/does your daily schedule look like before the pandemic started? Answer:   We are retired with a 9 year old living with us, so our days vary.  We finished the school year with virtual school which took up most of our time.  Today is the first day of virtual school.  So I am in 3rd grade again with grandson!

Question:  Do you think that the pandemic is getting better or worse? Answer:   There are too many conflicting news reports to make a definitive answer.  I pray that the medical profession will develop a reliable vaccine.

I would like to tag everyone reading this post. Feel free to use the same questions if you choose to participate.