Victorious Living – Knowing God’s Ways

What is the secret for victorious living?  One such secret is found in Psalm 103:7. The Psalmist reveals to the reader that “He (God) made known His ways unto Moses, His acts unto the children of Israel.”  It is being revealed to us through this scripture that God made known to Moses His character in how He deals with mankind in the areas of righteousness and unrighteousness; along with His character as a loving and merciful God. 

As we study the Book of Exodus, we learn God revealed much of Himself to Moses regarding the ruling of mankind and granting Moses to see more of Him than any mortal man. Moses “knew” God!  “Knew” in Hebrew means to recognize; comprehend; find out; make out; ascertain or to understand.  In other words Moses knew God intimately!  He knew the “will” of God.

Can Believers know God intimately as Moses?  Yes!  Verse 8 of Psalm 103 reads “the LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy.” Since creation God has been reaching out to mankind to reveal Himself within a personal relationship, but unfortunately many have refused His outstretched loving arms.  To those who receive His gift of love and salvation God makes Himself known. 

God has gifted every “born-again Believer” with the wonderful gift of Holy Spirit as their mentor.  He dwells within each Believer to teach them God’s ways.  As we draw near to God in our hearts studying the Word with Holy Spirit, God will draw near to us revealing His ways to us.  Friends, God’s Word is alive and active!  His Word will speak to our hearts guiding us to the truth of His ways.  Do you want to know God’s ways (His will) or just His acts (His works)!  Knowing God’s ways develops an intimate relationship!  Knowing the ways of God’s is healing!  Knowing God’s ways brings transformation in our lives!  Knowing the ways of God (His will) will enable us to make choses for an abundant life! 

The secret to victorious living is knowing the ways of God.  As we draw near to Him with our whole heart, Father God will speak to us as He did Moses.  The Bible says He spoke to Moses face-to-face, but for now He will speak to us with His still small voice in our hearts.  But, one day though, in eternity to come, we will see Him face-to-face and speak with Him face-to-face, but for now let’s yearn to hear His still small voice within our hearts.  He will reveal to us His will.  Father will teach us the deep meanings of His Word.  He will guide us and direct our steps.  As you draw near to Father, you will learn a dependence upon Him that is greater than anything we could ever hope for.  When we know the Father’s voice we will discover ourselves waiting for His voice to guide us and to give us directions or instructions.  Now my friends we will be walking in faith connected to Father with a oneness that has intimately woven our hearts to the Father in love. This is what is known as “knowing” God’s ways – this my friends is an intimate relationship “knowing” the Father’s ways.