The Greatest Gift!

Today, I would like to post a love account given to me by Father God titled “The Greatest Gift of Love Ever!”

The “Greatest Gift of Love Ever” began thousands and thousands of years ago.  Some may call it fiction, some may call it fable, but human intellect was never able to discern the truth – it takes “Divine Revelation” to know the truth.  But, I will tell you this, Divine Revelation gave scientists just enough truth and facts to prove the truth of this “Greatest Gift of Love Event Ever.”  This event is documented in man’s “Manual For Life,” the Bible.

This “love event” began in a garden called the Garden of Eden, also known as Paradise.  This garden was void of sin and corruption.  It was without blemish!  It was beautiful beyond description!

Well, on this one eventful day, Elohim, “our Creator” said “let us create man and woman in our image.”  He was talking to God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

Photo by Kerill Sharkovski (unsplash)

So, with His (Elohim, that is) wonderful hands, Elohim molded and fashioned man and woman in their image – the image of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Now some may wonder why did Elohim create man and woman?  Well as one reads the “Instruction Manual for Life,” it can be discovered that Elohim is a God of Love.  He has so much love that He wanted to share it with man and woman – His prized creation. 

Hence, they created man and woman to share their love; to have fellowship and a relationship with man and woman.

After creation of man and woman, Elohim fellowshipped daily with them, teaching them and mentoring them.  Oh, how He love man and woman.  When He looked upon them, He said, “it is good.”  He became their Father and they became His children?

Photo by Artem Beliaikin (unsplash)

And, as all Fathers do, out of love, Elohim set up boundaries and discipline for His children.  They were told the rules for living in Paradise – the Garden of Eden.

They only had one rule and that was obedience to God’s boundaries, not to eat from “one” tree in the mist of the Garden. Elohim said, “ in the day that you eat from the forbidden tree, would result in death.  They agreed and shared a wonderful relationship with Elohim, their Father.

But one day, a sneaky serpent, who hates Elohim, walked into the Garden to observe Elohim’s wonderful creation.  Well, jealousy welled up in him and he immediately hated Elohim’s creation, so he decided to trick man and woman.

He walked over to woman and began a conversation with her.  He began by questioning Elohim’s boundaries within the Garden.  He questioned Elohim’s discipline and actually alluded to them that Elohim was not telling them the truth.  These untruths made woman “feel” as if Elohim was withholding something good from her and man.  He tempted her, that sneaky old serpent!  She began to doubt her Father’s boundaries, wondering, “what is the Father keeping from me?” Just want the serpent wanted her to do! 

So then she decided to find out for herself!  So, she took of the fruit from the forbidden tree and gave to man also to eat.  They didn’t trust Elohim’s Word’s!  Immediately upon eating of the forbidden fruit their mind became open to “good and evil” – the things Elohim was sheltering them from.  They disobeyed Elohim’s boundaries, so now they must be disciplined!

Photo by Kaylie Humphrey (unsplash)

Unfortunately, their discipline was to be removed from Paradise and to work for their own food.  Elohim would no longer give them instant food and shelter, they would now have to work day and night for their necessities – all because of their doubt and lack of trust in Elohim.   They didn’t realize that the death Elohim was warning them about was spiritual death of separation from Him because of the sin of disobedience.

Elohim also punished the serpent for tempting woman.  But, Elohim gave man and woman a promise, a “seed” would come from woman to redeem mankind back to Him.

But, don’t worry!  This “love event” didn’t stop here as the sneaky serpent hoped.    Some thousands of years later, Elohim, the “Divine Creator” at the right time and right place wrapped Himself in human flesh and was born of a virgin woman named Mary.  He did this to redeem mankind back to Him.  He called His Name “Jesus!”  He would be the savior of the entire world.  He came as promised, born in a manger.  Lived on earth in human flesh!  Tempted just like us, but without sin, he came to take on Himself the sins of the whole world.

After 33 years of living a sinless life and leaving an example of a “true” Christian walk, he was persecuted and crucified on a Cross for the sins of the entire world.  Before nailed to the Cross, He was beaten with many strips for our infirmities.  He was then nailed to the Cross and He poured out His precious blood for our sins – ALL of THEM – for you and for me and the entire world.   NOW THAT’S LOVE!

Photo Ciem Onojeghuo (unsplash)

He was buried and while buried, he set the captives free and took the keys of death and hell from the enemy, that sneaky serpent, called the Devil or Satan. 

Jesus then rose on the third day and showed himself to hundreds of people including His 12 beloved disciples and then ascended up into Heaven and seated Himself at the right hand of Elohim the Father ever interceding for those who have called upon that Great Name “JESUS” for redemption of their sins and granting eternal life to ALL that call upon and believe in and on the NAME of JESUS for the remission and forgiveness of sin.   THE GREATEST GIFT OF LOVE EVER!

So now, I ask, “why is it so easy for people to accept the supernatural happenings of human making, such as SciFi movies and people transcending, they watch Harry Potter which is witchcraft , they are  amazed at people walking on nails and through fire, but have a difficult time believing that over 2000 years ago, God wrapped himself in human flesh, preached the gospel the correct way, left us an example of how man should live, was crucified on a cross for our sins, was buried in a grave, rose on the third day and ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Father, after showing himself to 500 plus people!  Why do people find it so hard to believe Jesus is ALL powerful – Jesus is the Creator of All, Jesus is God!   Why!

God loves mankind so much that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him (Jesus) should not perish, but have every lasting life.  Jesus death on the cross was so that His precious blood would be a covering for our sins and that we could, if we choose, be reconciled with God the Father and to enjoy a wonderful relationship with God.  A relationship which was interrupted by the sin created through man and woman – now known as Adam and Eve, a relationship that can be restored by accepting Jesus as our Saviour!    THAT’S LOVE!

Are you missing out on a relationship with God?  Do you want to know how to come back to the Father?  Do you want peace and joy in your life?  Do you want to know where you will spend eternity?

Let me ask, “What does Jesus mean to you?”  “What does the Cross mean to you?”  Your concept of Jesus will determine how you answer the questions!

The Cross is not about a piece of jewelry on our necks; it is about Jesus in our hearts – “The Greatest Gift of Love Ever!”

We need to run to the Cross!  He paid a costly, precious price to redeem us back to the Father.  We need to confess our sins there and receive forgiveness and to surrender our life and become like our Savior, Jesus – “The Greatest Gift of Love Ever!”

God is unchangeable, unstoppable, and all powerful.  He is the same God who opened the wound of Sarah to birth a child at the age of 90; the same God who opened the Red Sea for the children of Israel when escaping the Egyptians and walked on dry ground; the same God who stopped the mouths of the lions for Daniel!

Are you looking for God to birth something in you; struggling with a raging Red Sea or do you need the lions mouths stopped – whatever your struggle or problem, surrender it to our unchangeable, all powerful God.

Nothing is too small or too big for Him – Come today for salvation, healing, deliverance, repentance, whatever your need is Come!