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Thank you to our Brother Matt for selecting me for this Christmas Tag.

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I will start with my favorite things.

Food: I love baking and eating Christmas Cookies.   I made cookies with regular flour for the family and used gluten-free flour for me.  My favorite cookie is a sugar cutout cookie.   My second favorite food to make and eat for Christmas Dinner is Lasagna.  This has been my tradition since my children were little.

Decorations: I love to see everything decorated for Christmas. Decorations lift my Spirit because it reminds me that the greatest present every (Jesus) came to earth as a gift for “whosoever” believes in Him (Jesus) will have eternal life.  My husband, however, does the decorating in our home because he enjoys doing it and putting everything together, especially the tree.

Song: I love every Christmas song.  I especially love hearing them playing in stores while shopping – the songs keep me uplifted in my Spirit.  My favorite is by Kirk Franklin, “Behold The Lamb of God.”

When to open presents: The tradition in my family, since my children were little, is to start our celebration on Christmas Eve.  We have dinner together, play games and at midnight everyone opens one small gift.  The remaining gifts aren’t open until after breakfast on Christmas Day.

People to visit: My family.  Since my children are all grown, everyone meets at my youngest daughter’s home on Christmas Eve to start our celebration.

Celebrating Jesus: Jesus is celebrated in our home on Christmas Day.  We read the Christmas story account from the Bible, pray and listen to certain Christmas songs. A couple times when my children were little we bought a Birthday Cake to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday. We also look for one of our choice Pastors on TV and feed on the Word that is preached.

Since this is the Christmas Season, I tag everyone that reads this Christmas Tag. Don’t let this post drop, let us all know your Christmas traditions.