The Names of God – Jehovah Rohi

Jehovah Rohi is my favorite name of the LORD.  Rohi “means the LORD my Shepherd!”  The LORD’s name Rohi, as my Shepherd, gives me great assurance of the care my Jehovah Rohi provides for me.  To fully understand what Rohi means in a personal context one must know the laborious job it is to be a shepherd.   David knew personally the laborious task of a shepherd as he tended and watched over his father’s sheep.  David learned that sheep are defenseless and totally dependent upon the shepherd.  And that sheep are dumb and in total need of a care giver.  Because of this learned knowledge, David penned the 23rd Psalm knowing he himself was defenseless and needed a Shepherd to watch over him.  The very first verse reads:  “The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”  What did he mean?  With this one verse David is describing his dependence of the LORD; and the LORD’s total care in his life by calling him MY SHEPHERD.  Notice David wrote this Psalm in the present tense, signifying that the LORD daily takes care of him.

Task of a Shepherd:

  • The shepherd’s job was a 24 hour a day job, not a 9-to-5 job.
  • The shepherd guides and leads the sheep (sheep tend to wander off).
  • The shepherd protects the sheep.
  • The shepherd makes sure they have water to drink, grass to eat, and a safe place to sleep.
  • The shepherd keeps away predators and walks across the land securing the area.
  • The shepherd learns to recognize potential dangers that await him and his flock.
  • The shepherd gently pulls back the strayed sheep with his staff.
  • The shepherd looks for the lost sheep.
  • The shepherd never leaves nor forsakes His sheep or their needs.
  • The shepherd takes care of their wounds.
  • The shepherd comforts the sheep.
  • The shepherd lays down his life for his sheep

In John 10:11, Jesus readily identifies Himself as “The Good Shepherd.”  He says, “I am the Good Shepherd: the Good Shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.” The Greek word for “good” is kalos and means noble, wholesome, good, and beautiful.  So Jesus is describing His inherent character as goodness, righteousness and beauty.  He is a “caring” Good Shepherd who will protect, guide and nurture His flock. 

Hebrews 13:20 describes Jesus as the “Great Shepherd” of the sheep; 1 Peter 2:25 pens a picture of the stray sheep returning unto the “Shepherd and Bishop” of their souls; and 1 Peter 5:4 Jesus is named the “Chief Shepherd” who will appear giving a crown of glory to faithful leaders over His flock.

All like David should know Jesus as their Good Shepherd, for like sheep we have all strayed, like sheep we have all found ourselves in trouble and in need of help.  From as early as the age of 12 I have felt the presence of the LORD guiding me when I was lost or in trouble.  At 17 when I attempted suicide, The Good Shepherd was there to protect me from early death!  During my depression years, the Good Shepherd was there to comfort me!  During my broken marriage, the Good Shepherd was there to console me!  During a job layoff, the Good Shepherd was there to find employment for me!  During discrimination on my job, the Good Shepherd was there to defend me!  When I fell through a concrete porch, the Good Shepherd was there to cradle me from breaking my neck!  During my single parenting years, the Good Shepherd was there to provide for all our needs!  When struggling financially, the Good Shepherd was there teaching me a better way!  I could go on with many more examples of the Good Shepherd in my life, but I think you get the point.

Jesus is the Believer’s Good Shepherd who never leaves us nor forsakes us during our time of need.  The 23rd Psalm should be every Believer’s comfort and assurance that we have a Righteous Savior dwelling within us to guide and lead us to safety in every area of our lives.

When the storms of life are tossing you to and fro, remember the Good Shepherd and call upon His name until the storm passes by.

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