Did You Know #1

Did you know that prayer is a vital life-line for all Believers?  The 12 disciples witnessed first-hand through Jesus “the power of prayer!” They watched Jesus quite often withdraw from all to have prayer time with Father God, so in Luke 11:1-4 we read them asking Jesus “Lord teach us to pray!” 

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Did you also know that from Genesis to Revelation, Holy Spirit recorded 100 or more prayers prayed by Biblical Saints.  A few of these prayers were in the format of:

  • Prayers of intercession
  • Cry for help
  • Prayers for protection
  • Prayers for God to fight their battles
  • Prayers of thanksgiving
  • Prayers of victory
  • Prayers for food and water
  • Prayers of reasoning
  • Prayers for wisdom
  • Prayers for healing

Father God honored these prayers of faith and He will honor ours also as we seek Him with our whole heart.

Do you struggle with praying not knowing what to pray; or is your struggle “how to approach God?”  Prayer is as easy as talking to your earthly parents or grandparents.  Prayer is having a conversation with Father God trusting Him with your heart and your life.  We don’t have to use big words or be repetitive in our conversation.  Friends, God looks forward to having a conversation with each of us – and He listens to each of our heart’s cry and petitions.

Did you know that:

  • Abraham prayed and reasoned with God about Sodom because of his nephew lot (Gen. 18:16-19).
  • Jacob prayed to God while wrestling with Him (Gen. 32:9).
  • Moses prayed at Rephidim for water for the people (Exodus 17:4-5).
  • In Deut. 3:23 Moses unsuccessfully prayed to God to enter into the promise land.
  • Manoah prayed for his unborn son, Samson (Judges 13:8).
  • In First Samuel 7:25 we read David’s prayer of thanksgiving.
  • Second Samuel David prayed for his born child not to die.
  • Elijah prayed in First Kings 18:36-38 for God to consume a sacrifice.
  • Hezekiah prayed for God to save Jerusalem from the Assyrian army (2 Kings 19:14-19).
  • Luke 6:12-13 we read that Jesus prayed to God for wisdom before choosing the 12 disciples.
  • Acts 10:2 we read of Cornelius praying to God to save him.

This list is just a few of the recorded prayers in the Bible that Believers of old prayed, which teaches us they were no different than Believers of today.  They had struggles and needs, but they looked to the One who could supply their needs and help them with their struggles.  We too need God and we need His help to survive this life.  When we read the Saints prayers, they were simple and right to the point, in some cases, they prayed reminding God of His promises.   

Father God wants to hear our voice in communication with Him, and our prayers can be as short as:

            “Father thank you for another day.  Thank you for watching over me and my loved ones and for providing for all my needs. Forgive me for any sins I committed.  In Jesus Name Amen.”

The more we talk with God in pray, the more confident we will become being in Father God’s presence having a conversation with Him.  Before you know it, we will be telling Him our whole heart.

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