Bible Quiz #2

The Word of God is written for our example to teach Believers how to live a victorious life; importance of family; reveal God; how and why we should love others; warnings that there is a enemy named satan who wants to destroy every Believer; promise of eternal life and so much more life changing information that it is impossible for us to remember everything, so prayerfully every Monday I would love to refresh our memories with a short Bible Quiz.

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1.    Who took the body of Jesus and buried it in a tomb cut out of the rock? (John 19:37-38)

2.    What kind of crown did the soldiers put on Jesus’ head when he was crucified? (Mark 15:16-17)

3.    Which disciple was called the “Rock?”

4.    What was the name of Joseph’s younger brother? (Genesis 42:4)

5.    Which type of animal spoke to his master, Balaam? (Numbers 22:22-23)

6.    When Cain grew up, what was his profession? (Genesis 4:2-4)

7.    How did Matthew earn his living before he became a disciple? (Matt. 9:9-13)

8.    In the parable of the bridesmaids, what did the foolish bridesmaids forget? (Matt. 25:1-9)

9.    In the story of the Good Samaritan, name the people that passed by? (Luke 10:30-32)

10.  Who was the Roman Governor who sentenced Jesus to death? (Matt. 27:13-16)

11.  Which tree is Lebanon famous for? (Psalm 92:12)

12.  Who dreamed of angels going up and down a ladder that reached to heaven? (Genesis 28:10-12)

13.  Whose brothers nicknamed him “the dreamer?” (Genesis 37:3-5)

14.  When the third seal was opened, what was the third black horseman of the Apocalypse carrying in          his hand? (Rev. 6:5)

15.  What did the daughter of Herodias ask for as a reward for dancing for Herod? (Matt. 14:6-8)


1.  Joseph of Arimathea; 2. A crown of thorns; 3. Peter; 4. Benjamin; 5. Donkey; 6. A farmer; 7. A Tax Collector; 8. Oil for their lamps; 9. A priest and a Levite; 10. Pontius Pilate; 11. The cedar tree; 12. Jacob; 13. Joseph; 14. A balance or scales; 15. John the Baptist’s head.

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