Bible Quiz #5

Welcome to our Weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible facts and history.

Photo by Ben White (unsplash)
  1. What was the name of Moses’ sister ?
  2. Who was the prophet that took over for Elijah?
  3. What language was the New Testament originally written in?
  4. What did the wise bridesmaids take to the wedding?
  5. What is the shortest book in the Old Testament?
  6. What where the first words spoken by God in the Bible?
  7. What animal did David kill with his bare hands to protect the sheep?
  8. When does Advent start in the Christian calendar?
  9. What disciple did Jesus ask to look after his mother when he died?
  10. What kind of tree did Deborah sit under?
  11. Which city did God tell Jonah to go to?
  12. Which king of Israel wrote songs?
  13. Which two books of the Bible begin with the letter “Z”?
  14. In the parable told by Jesus, which plants did an enemy sow among the wheat?
  15. Who did Jesus tell to “stretch out your hand?”
  16. What important position did Caiaphas hold?
  17. Who said “the serpent tempted me and I ate?”
  18. Who was in prison with a baker and a butler?
  19. Who was the first person to make wine?
  20. What did the Israelite slaves have to make for the Egyptians?

Answers:  1) Miriam 2) Elisha 3) Greek 4) oil to put in their lamps 5) Obadi; 6) let there be light 7) lion 8) December 1st 9) John 10) a palm tree 11) Nineveh 12) David 13) Zechariah and Zephaniah 14) Weeds 15) the man who had a withered hand 16) he was the Jewish High Priest 17) Eve 18) Joseph 19) Noah 20) Bricks

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