The Bible Is Real

A relative read to me a post that was on his social media page that was against Bible Believing Christians and he wanted my opinion. I explained the truth to him and today I felt compelled to write this post because too many people so quickly deny the Bible and its reliability and the truth that there is only One Living God and the only way to Him is through His Son Jesus.

The article I read stated that there is a universal God and that there is more than one way to reach a universal God. He also stated in the article that the Bible was written by a man and it was written to keep a race of people bound in a false religion. The writer also stated in the article that he was not afraid of demons, devils or hell, I guess alluding to the fact of his final resting place. 

To answer the relative and the writer’s confusion, below is the Truth as found in the Bible: 

  • There is only one God and He is not known or called a universal God.  The True God is God Almighty and resides in Heaven.
  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God written by holy men as moved by Holy Spirit.
  • There is only one way to Almighty God who resides in Heaven and that way is through His Son Jesus.  Any other way is the way to hell, which by the way hell is as real as the skin on our bodies.
  • The Bible reveals to the reader that hell is a place where the fire never dies, and that men there will be weeping, gnashing their teeth and angry.
  • The devil, who is real tricks men and women into believing lies, will be in hell along with his demons and every evil person – and all those who reject Jesus.
  • Almighty God sees and knows every evil act of every evil person and those evil people will be rewarded hell as their reward. Such as false Leaders, lying politicians, murders, liars, abortionists, etc.  Sin will not go unpunished.
  • Believing in Jesus and repentance of sin is offered to every living person. The choice is yours alone to make:  to accept Jesus as your Savior for eternal life; or choose satan’s lies and deception and live eternity in hell. 

The person who wrote the article that was posted on my relative’s social media page apparently never read the Bible and doesn’t know the True and Living God, otherwise he would have never written a confused and deceptive article. 

We will all die one day, the question is where will you spend eternity? Hell is nothing to joke about. On the other hand, living life in eternity with Jesus and other believing Christians is far better than burning in hell and living in darkness separated from a loving God who hates sin and evil.

Almighty God reveals to us in the Bible that all men, women and children know inherently that He exists (Romans 1:18-32), but because people enjoy the sin they are in choose to reject God as Lord of their lives.  So, they are without excuse. 

The Bible is the “breathe Word of God!”  Friends, the Bible is the only book we need for living life on this earth. The Bible teaches us the character, love, and wrath of Almighty God. The Bible teaches us our purpose for life and God’s plans for Believers and unbelievers. So, before we believe deceptive articles, pick up the Bible and read and study it for yourself. You will be amazed what you learn.  

Family and friends there is only one way to Jesus, “the bread of life” – choose life and live.  This earth as we know it now is temporal – heaven is forever.

I challenge all to pick up the Bible to discover if my response is accurate.

S.N.A.C.K. on the Word


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