Bible Quiz #6

Photo by Ben White (unsplash)
  1. What came out of the rock when Moses struck it with his rod?
  2. How many times did the Israelites march around the walls of Jericho before they fell?
  3. Why did Mary and Joseph have to escape with baby Jesus to Egypt?
  4. What did the wise man build his house on?
  5. What did God make Adam out of?
  6. Was the death of all the first-born Egyptians the first or last plague in Egypt?
  7. What did Moses do when he found the people praying to a golden calf?
  8. Which Jewish celebration is a memorial of the angel of death passing over and sparing the Israelites?
  9. What did Samson find to eat in the carcass of a dead lion?
  10. Where did the angel say Jesus would meet His disciples after His death and resurrection?
  11. Which two disciples were the first to hear that Jesus had risen from the dead?
  12. Who did Isaac marry?
  13. Who was released from prison for interpreting people’s dreams?
  14. Which young boy said, “Speak Lord, for your servant hears?”
  15. Who was the mother of John the Baptist?
  16. How many sons did Noah have?
  17. Who was Jesus talking about when He said, “she is not dead but sleeping?”
  18. What animal did Jesus say king Herod was like?
  19. What kind of animals was Moses looking tending when he saw the burning bush?
  20. Whose bones did Moses take with him when he led the people out of Egypt?

Answers:    1) water; 2) 13 times; 3) king Herod wanted to kill Jesus; 4) the Rock; 5) dust of the ground; 6) last plague; 7) smashed the stone tablets; 8) Passover; 9) honey from a nest of bees; 10) Galilee; 11) Simon-Peter and John; 12) Rebekah; 13) Joseph; 14) Samuel; 15) Elizabeth; 16) three; 17) Jairus’ daughter; 18) a fox 19) sheep; 20)

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