Journey To Healing: “God’s Character”

My last two posts were titled “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and in those posts I referenced the fact that knowing God’s character helps us to know and understand love. There are many people in the world who are angry with God for the struggles, abuse or tragedies in their lives.  Little do they know that God is not responsible for evil acts done to them or their loved ones.  Satan does a good job of hiding behind the scenes encouraging people (in their minds) to blame God for all bad that has happened in their lives or speaking lies to them that God doesn’t exist.

To know God’s character and love, we need to read the Bible.  From the Book of Genesis to Revelation, God’s character and love is revealed to the reader in many ways through His testimonies of His tender love, mercy, grace; and judgment against evil.

Today we will explore a few of God’s awesome character of love and I pray that the reader will continue to investigate the Bible to discovery even more characteristics of God and His love for mankind.

  • We learn of the power of God in Genesis 1:1 in which we read the earth was without form, void and very dark.  It was the powerful Spirit of God that hovered over earth and brought forth beauty from chaos.
  • God is the founding Father of earth. He is the creator of everything, angels, the solar system, waters, plant life, animal life, the air we breathe, and human beings.  Human beings are the only living creature created in the image of the Living God.
  • God is omniscience, which means all-knowing.  Before the foundation of the world and before the creation of mankind, Father God knew Adam and Eve would be disobedient; but He still created mankind.
  • God is patient and full of compassion and forgiving.  Because of sin entering into the world (due to Adam’s sin), God already had a plan for redemption.  He sent His only begotten Son to die on a cross to pay the penalty of sin on our behalf.
  • God is a Covenant God and never forgets His promises.  He keeps His Word from generation-to-generation.
  • God fights for His children, avenging wrongs done to them, when we allow Him into our lives.
  • God is a relational God.  All throughout the Bible, we read of God calling and seeking mankind.  He tells us to draw near to Him and He will draw near to us.
  • God is our teacher.  He recorded in the Bible the way of living life while on planet earth.  When we are obedient to His teachings, we will live a victorious life on earth.
  • God is our comforter and refuge in times of trouble.  As long as satan is running loose, we will have troubles, but we can call upon God 24/7.  He hears the cries of His children and delivers them from them all. God never leaves His children alone He dwells with His them.
  • God is LOVE and because of His loves He knows every individual personally.

The people that are angry with God don’t understand that God has given mankind the wonderful gift of “free-will!”  With this gift, we can choose to serve God or to choose not to serve God.  There are many people and religious organizations in this world today that choose to live their lives separate from God.  God will not force anyone to serve Him!  A good example of this is found in the Bible with the account of the Tower of Babel. The men of that generation didn’t want God as their Leader.  They chose another God!

In the area of struggles, abuse, or tragedies.  Once again, mankind is given “free-will” to manage their lives with or without God’s wisdom or help.  We make choices with our finances that will one day cause us financial ruin!  We are hurt or disappointed over an occurrence in our lives and take out our frustrations on our loved ones, causing them to be abused.  God didn’t create us to be puppets, He created us with a sound mind to make godly choices, but because of our own lust, greed or temptations, we choose the wrong path.  Should we blame God for our wrong choices in life?  No!  The person to blame is self and satan and his demons.

In Your Journal Write:

  • How you know and understand God’s character.
  • What choices you made that caused your struggles or disappointments.
  • How have you resolved those choices that separated you from God?
  • What scriptures are your go-to scriptures comforting you with the love of God?

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