Bible Quiz #16

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1.      Who said, “I was thirsty and you gave me no drink?

2.      Why was Stephen stoned to death?

3.      The name of which book of the Bible means beginning?

4.      Who was married to two sisters:  Leah and Rachel?

5.      What kind of meat did Esau cook for his father Isaac?

6.      Where in the Bible does it say, “a merry heart does good like    medicine?”

7.      What type of fruit did the prophet Amos have a vision about?

8.      What ate Jonah after he was thrown out of a boat during a storm at sea?

9.      Who said, “Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace?”

10.    Where did Simeon and Anna come to see the baby Jesus?

11.    Who was the son of Elizabeth and Zacharias?

12.    Who was described as, “the voice of one crying in the wilderness?

13.    What is the third book of the Bible?

14.    Where does it say, “thou shalt not covet?”

15.    Who was the son of Nun?

16.    What kind of animals did David look after when he was a boy?

17.    What was the name of Judas Iscariot’s father?

18.    How many times did Jesus pray in the Garden of Gethsemane the night he was arrested?

19.    Who said, “give us of your oil, for our lamps are gone out?”

20.    What flowers did Jesus say “neither toil nor spin?”

Answers: 1) Jesus; 2) because he was a Christian; 3) Genesis; 4) Jacob; 5) venison; 6) Proverbs; 7) summer fruit; 8) a big fish; 9) Simeon; 10) in the Temple at Jerusalem; 11) John the Baptist; 12) John the Baptist; 13) Leviticus; 14) in the ten commandments; 15) Joshua; 16) sheep; 17) Simon; 18) Three; 19) the foolish virgins; 20) the lilies of the field

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