Living In Two Worlds

Christians live in two worlds but have to learn to live in one world only. Each world has its own moral value standards. Genuine Christians have to make a choice as to which moral value standard they chose to live by!  Those of the world (satan), or do you choose the moral values that come from the Kingdom of God.  This can be difficult, especially in light of what’s occurring in today’s world.

It is easy to choose the world’s ways, after all, we have been born into this world system and cultured for this environment.  On the other hand, becoming a “born again Christian” choosing God’s moral values over the world brings persecution.   This has been proven true since the creation of Adam and Eve. Satan will do anything to destroy God’s children, he hates God so he Believers!

The Apostles and Prophets were persecuted and martyred for refusing to live by the world’s values.  Kim Davis, a Kentucky Clerk, was persecuted for refusing to sign a marriage license for a same sex couple.  Pennsylvania Rep. Stephanie Borowicz was persecuted for using the name of Jesus too many times while praying at an installation for a new electee.

Genuine Christian’s must take a stand for the truth or they will be deceived like Eve, believing a lie!  Christian’s have a right to live life according to God’s moral values, but unfortunately our moral values offend the world.

Believers have an awesome gift from Father God a gift that unbelievers will never know!  We have the wonderful gift of Holy Spirit dwelling within us for guidance, protection and comfort.  When we commit to stay on the “straight and narrow path,” Holy Spirit will fight our battles.  Psalm 105 gives us a great example of what happens when unbelievers attack the people of God.  Friends, God will defend His people. I love the verse that reads “..touch not mind anointed, and do my prophets no harm.”  God means what He says and say what He means.  As long as we are in right fellowship with Father God, we have nothing or no one to fear.  We are protected!

S.N.A.C.K. on the Word

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