Bible Quiz #21

Welcome to our weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

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1.    What is the number given to the “beast” in the Book of Revelation?

2.    Which animal saved Isaac’s life?

3.    Who pushed down a huge building single-handedly?

4.    Which prophet had to run away from queen Jezebel?

5.    Where did king Belshazzar see the words “MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN?”

6.    Which animals convinced king Darius to believe in God?

7.    Which three disciples saw Jesus’ transfiguration?

8.    Were Simon and Andrew carpenters or fishermen before becoming disciples?

9.    Outside which city walls was Jesus crucified?

10.  Who sailed in a ship whose figure head was the Twin Brothers?

11.  Who was thrown overboard to calm the stormy sea?

12.  Which prophet anointed both Saul and David to be king?

13.  What did king David steal from Uriah?

14.  What did queen Jezebel steal from Naboth?

15.  Which king’s hair grew like eagles’ feathers and had nails like bird claws?

16.  Jesus never wrote a book about himself, true or false?

17.  What do a doctor, a tax collector, and a fisherman have in common?

18.  Which New Testament book has most quotations from the Old Testament?

19.  Who had a dream that saved the baby Jesus from Herod?

20.  Which book in the Bible is about the end of the world?

Answers: 1) 666; 2) ram; 3) Samson; 4) Elijah; 5) on the wall; 6) the lions, as they didn’t eat Daniel; 7) Peter, James, and John; 8) Fishermen; 9) Jerusalem; 10) Paul; 11) Jonah; 12) Samuel; 13) his wife Bathsheba; 14) his vineyard; 15) king Nebuchadnezzar; 16) True; 17) they wrote the New Testament books; 18) Matthew’s Gospel it- has 70; 19) Joseph; 20) The book of Revelation

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