Bible Characters: Hannah “From Barrenness to Brokenness to Blessing”

The Bible tells us a wonderful story of a woman by the named of Hannah.  Throughout her adult years she had a great desire in her heart – to have children, but the Bible tells us, “the Lord shut up her womb.”  It was considered a disgrace in those days not to have children, so Hannah began to think that God had forgotten or abandoned her.  Yearly she would go with her husband to worship the Lord at the Temple, and her enemy, Peninnah, each year would make fun of her and provoke her to tears because of her barrenness. Isn’t it just like the enemy, he attacks you with words of destruction, making you feel inadequate and unloved while on your way to worshiping the Lord.  Unfortunately, Hannah allowed Peninnah, her enemy, to control her emotions!

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Can you relate to Hannah, wanting something so badly that every thought is centered on the problem or situation?  Well, that is exactly what Hannah did!  She was making her situation bigger than her God.  She was allowing someone to speak lies into her life making her faith small!  Have you been there? 

After much taunting and humiliation, Hannah realized if her barrenness was to end, it must end by the hand of God.  Hannah finally reached her breaking point realizing she was suffering from “spiritual barrenness,” more than barrenness of her womb and she was responding wrong with her problem.  She realized making her situation bigger than her God wasn’t the answer.  The problem was in her soul not her womb! In her brokenness, she poured out all that was in her heart. She surrendered to God all her pain and her desires asking Him to remember her affliction.  Hannah also vowed to God that, if He would bless her with a man child, she would give the child back to Him to serve Him all the days of his life.  What courage and love Hannah had for the Lord to vow to give back to Him what she desired from Him – a child.  And the Bible says, God granted her request, He met her need!

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This story is a great lesson for all believers!   Are you suffering from “spiritual barrenness?”  Don’t allow this barrenness to become bigger than God!  When the enemy speaks lies to you saying God won’t bless you, hit him back with the promises of God (Psalm 37:4-5).  God loves his children and He delights in doing for us, but when we doubt or lack the faith to believe His promises, we are holding back our blessings. Just like Hannah, we have to trust and believe God’s promises, not the enemy’s lies!  In our brokenness we come to learn that we should serve God with a perfect heart and a willing mind, for the Lord searches all hearts and understands all the imaginations of the thoughts; if we seek Him, He will be found (II Chron. 28:9).  And, like Hannah, he will answer you!

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