Bible Quiz #28

Welcome to our Weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

1.    Where in the Bible would you find a burning bush and a plague of gnats?

2.    Which large bird does the prophet Micah describe as bald?

3.    Who couldn’t stand up because their boils were so bad?

4.    Who asked, “who is on the Lord’s side?”

5.    Who was the first king of Israel?

6.    Which Psalm ends with: “and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever?”

7.    What is the missing words: “for thing is the K___________.”

8.    Which king did the wise men visit when they were searching for Jesus?

9.    What did Mary Magdelene, Mary, Mother of James, and Joanna see at Jesus’ tomb?

10.  What is “Sheol?”

11.  Who was the son of Kish?

12.  What do Samson and Absolam have in common?

13.  Which kind of animal is Jesus sometimes described as?

14.  Who complained to Jesus that her sister left her to do all the housework?

15.  Jesus said it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than what?

16.  What shade was the fourth horse of the Apocalypse?

17.  Whose grandmother was called Lois?

18.  The Bible begins with the creation of a new heaven and earth and ends how?

19.  Who was searching for donkeys when Samuel came to anoint him Israel’s king?

20.  Which book of the Bible is subtitled “The Preacher?”

Answers: 1) Book of Exodus; 2) the Eagle; 3) the Egyptians; 4) Moses; 5) Saul; 6) Psalm 23; 7) Kingdom; 8) king Herod; 9) two men in dazzling clothes; 10) a place for the dead; 11) Saul; 12) long hair caused their destruction; 13) a lamb or the Lamb of God; 14) Martha; 15) a rich man to enter into heaven;      16) Pale; 17) Timothy’s; 18) with a new heaven and earth; 19) Saul; 20) Ecclesiastes

“Sing Unto the LORD”

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