Characters of the Bible: Deborah

The history of Deborah is found in Judges chapters 4 & 5. Holy Spirit introduces her as a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth.  This is an interesting statement made by Holy Spirit concerning Deborah.  He is revealing to the reader her character and position by introducing her as “wife.”  

 God used Deborah on His behalf for His people because she was a faithful woman of God.   We know this because, although she had the position of a prophetess, she did not neglect her position as the wife of Lapidoth.  She was obedient in following God’s principles for a wife as a helper for her husband and she respected and loved her husband.  So, Deborah’s training as prophetess, judge and mother of Israel, began with her serving as wife of Lapidoth.  

Deborah did not seek to be judge or leader to Israel.  She was called by God because of her obedience and faithfulness in her home and to God.  So, God called her to the position of prophetess and leader of the children of Israel.  Deborah was called to serve during very dark times for Israel. They were being oppressed by the enemy Sisera for 20 years.  God told Deborah to send for Barak and to tell him to setup troops and asked him the question, “has not the Lord God of Israel commanded, ‘Go and deploy troops at Mount Tabor?“ and she shared with him that “God will deliver the enemy into his hands (Judges 4:7).  Unfortunately, he refused to go unless she went with him, so Deborah complied and went with hm.

From what Holy Spirit tells us of Deborah she: 1) took care of her home; 2) was submissive to others; 3) she administered God’s law and wisely managed and counseled His people; 4) she was a worshiper; and 4) she was a humble woman who loved the Lord.  She could easily be identified as a “virtuous woman!” 

Do you want to be used by God as Deborah? Start by spending time in the Word getting to “know” the LORD.  The Word will equip you to be a Deborah. 

Spend time in prayer asking God for wisdom, greater faith, and devotion to Him.

Live a life of obedience by becoming a doer of the word and you will become a person filled with God’s word with a heart of obedience.  Last, but not least, stay humble and you will be blessed and become a blessing to others. 

“Sing Unto the LORD”

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