Characters of the Bible: The Shunammite Woman

The Shunammite Woman was very wealthy and lived in the town of Shumen.   God mentions her in the Bible because of her hospitality and kindness toward His prophet Elisha. 

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Whenever Elisha would pass through her town of Shumen, she would insist on him dining with her and her husband.  Knowing that Elisha was a man of God she asked her husband to make a small room for him on the roof of their home. Once done she decorated the room with a bed, table, chair and lamp for his comfort.

Because of her kindness, Elisha asked her “what can I do for you for showing me this kindness?”  She answered, nothing.  Elisha’s servant Gehazi tells him that the woman has no children.  Elisha then calls the woman again and tells her, “at this season, about this time next year, you shall embrace a son.”   As spoken the woman did embrace a son.  We learn from the Shunammite Woman’s character, such as:

*she was a woman of contentment

*she was a woman with a kind heart

*she had compassion for the things of God

*she was a woman of faith

Second Kings 4:8-37 reveals to us that she was also a woman of persistence.  When her son died in her lap, she did not give up on her faith. 

Although the Shunammite Woman was wealthy she was content with what God had already given her.  She kept herself focused on what God had already blessed her with.  This is the secret of a happy and thankful heart—”being grateful.” 

The Shunammite Woman had a kind and compassionate heart and demonstrated this by taking care of the needs of God’s prophet.  By doing this, she was expressing her love for God through His prophet Elisha, and making room in her heart for God through her unselfish acts of kindness.

The Shunammite Woman was persistence through her faith when her son died.  By faith she knew God would use Elisha to raise her son to life again.

The Shunammite Woman’s heartfelt hospitality to Elisha and her sincere faith led to God abundantly blessing her (Matt. 10:41).  God often uses His people’s humble acts of service to bless both the giver and the receiver.  Would you like to be carriers of these characteristics:  contentment, kind hearted, given to hospitality, thankful and persistence with your faith?  Ask God for them—He will not withhold any good thing from you!

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