Bible Quiz #34

Welcome to our Weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

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1.    Which is the last but one book in the Old Testament?

2.    Who was Zechariah?

3.    Which people worshipped a god called Dagon?

4.    What happened to the statue of Dagon when the ark of the covenant was put beside it?

5.    Who did Elijah have a contest wit on Mount Carmel?

6.    Who was Baal?

7.    Which Old Testament prophet wore “haircloth with a girdle of leather?”

8.    What happened as Elisha prayed when the Syrian army was about to attack him?

9.    Which is the last book in the New Testament?

10.  What kind of book is the Book of Jude?

11.  Which king put Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in a burning fiery furnace?

12.  Who wrote, “a voice cries in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord?”

13.  What did Jesus say you must do before taking the speck out of someone’s eye?

14.  How many languages was the notice above Jesus on the cross was written in?

15.  Give one of the three languages that the notice was written in?

16.  Which of his disciples did Jesus tell to, “feed my sheep?”

17.  What were the last words of Jesus on the cross according to John’s Gospel?

18.  What are the lost words of Jesus on the cross according to Mark’s Gospel?

19.  Who heard the sound of God “walking in the garden in the cool of the day?”

20.  What did they do when they heard God?

Answers: 1) the Book of Zechariah; 2) a prophet; 3) the Philistines; 4) it fell face downwards; 5) the prophets of Baal; 6) a false god; 7) Elijah; 8) chariots and horses of fire appeared; 9) Jude; 10) A letter; 11) king Nebuchadnezzar; 12) John the Baptist; 13) take the log out of your own!; 14) three; 15) Hebrew, Latin, or Greek; 16) Simon-Peter; 17) “it is finished”; 18) “why have you forsaken me”; 19) Adam and Eve; 20) they hid in the garden

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