Bible Quiz #46

Welcome to our Weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

1.    In Genesis 2, what watered the Garden of Eden?

2.    What did Jesus say a man could lose by choosing the whole world?

3.    Whom did God smite for taking hold of the Ark of Covenant?

4.    Whom did both Eunice and the Apostle Paul call their son?

5.    The Book of Hebrews tells us to entertain strangers, because they may be __________.

6.    How many years will Jesus reign on earth before satan’s final judgment?

7.    How did Jesus instruct Judas to do his evil deed of betraying Him?

8.    Jesus said, “Whosoever believeth in me shall not abide in _______?

9.    In 1 Peter 2, what types of stones were built into a spiritual house?

10.  In 2 Corinthians, what disaster did Paul experience three times?

11.  In the Book of Genesis, who was Sarah’s Egyptian handmaid?

12.  Who tried to walk on water but was terrified and began to sink?

13.  What was the relationship of king David to Ruth?

14.  What was Luke’s professional title besides being a missionary?

15.  Many biblical characters were known by more than one name, what was John’s other name?

16.  The river that watered the Garden of Eden divided into how many heads?

17.  In Exodus 2, who murdered an Egyptian and hid him in the sand?

18.  Proverbs 3 reads: “Be not wise in your own _______.”

19.  Who was a mighty man of valor, but the son of a harlot?

20.  Romans 10:17 asks “what does faith come by?

Answers: 1) the river, Gen. 2:10; 2) his soul, Mark 8:6; 3) Uzzah; 4) Timothy; 5) angels; 6) 1000 years; 7) quickly, John 13:27; 8) darkness, John 12:46; 9) lively stones; 10) shipwreck; 11) Hagar; 12) Peter; 13) great grandson; 14) Physician; 15) Mark; 16) four, Genesis 2:10-14; 17) Moses; 18) eyes; 19) Jephthah, Judges 11:1; 20) hearing

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