Bible Quiz #48

Welcome to our Weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

1.    What young man fell from a window and died during a sermon by the Apostle Paul?

2.    Where did Jesus turn water into wine?

3.    What is Saul’s other name?

4.    Who challenged thirty men they could not solve his riddle?

5.    What was Judas Iscariot’s duty among the apostles?

6.    Who had the vision of seven fat cows coming out of a river?

7.    From Proverbs 30:33, surely the churning of milk bringeth forth ________?

8.    Along with his sons, who was the first to be cremated in the Bible?

9.    In the Book of Revelation, what stone resembles the rainbow circling God’s throne in heaven?

10.  From what mountain did Moses see the “promised land?”

11.  From Proverbs, what stones are worth less than wisdom or a good wife?

12.  To whom did Luke address the Books of Luke and Acts?

13.  Who had seven sons who always celebrated their birthdays with feasts?

14.  In what body of water was Jesus baptized?

15.  Which “Great” was responsible for overthrowing the Babylonian empire?

16.  On watching Jesus’ arrest and trial, what disciple claimed three times he didn’t know the Lord?

17.  When Mary came upon the risen Jesus, whom did He ask her to inform?

18.  From Genesis, who boasted to his two wives he had killed a young man?

19.  Who was the father of Isaac?

20.  What did Moses command should be done to a woman caught in adultery?

Answers: 1) Eutychus; 2) Cana; 3) Apostle Paul; 4) Samson; 5) treasurer; 6) Pharaoh; 7) Butter; 8) Saul; 9) Emerald; 10) Nebo (Deut. 34:1); 11) Rubies; 12) Theophilus; 13) Job; 14) River Jordan; 15) Cyrus; 16) Peter; 17) Brethren (John 20:16-17); 18) Lamech; 19) Abraham; 20) be stoned

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