Bible Quiz #53

Photo by: Gabriel Jimenez (unsplash)

Welcome to our Weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

1.    Who owned the field where Ruth gleaned?

2.    Which of these were Israelites permitted to eat: lamb, horse, cow, or buffalo

3.    Who ran from the tent door to meet an appearance of the Lord in the plains of Mamre?

4.    On which isle was the apostle John when he experienced his revelation?

5.    Which king did the prophet Uriah kill with a sword for opposing him?

6.    Whose wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt?

7.    Who ran into a congregation carrying incense to stop a plague?

8.    Where was the birthplace of the Apostle Paul?

9.    How did God first appear to Moses? As a _________________?

10.  What can one do to the devil to cause him to flee?

11.  Who opened a bottle of milk giving an enemy soldier drink, and then killed him?

12.  “Lord save me” is the Bible’s shortest prayer, and is found in which book’s chapter 14 verse 30?

13.  From Numbers 6, which group of consecrated men never to cut their hair?

14.  Without fear, the man who trusts God can trample upon the lion and the _______________.

15.  Unto which land’s mountains did Abraham take Isaac to be sacrificed?

16.  In Mark 5, what was the name, “for we are many,” of the unclean spirits Jesus cast out?

17.  Where did God reduce the number of Gideon’s troops to three hundred who lappeth of the water?

18.  Who or what have personal angels in heaven?

19.  According to Proverbs, what type of heart doeth good like a medicine.

20.  Who was stoned, then burned, after taking silver, good, and a garment from the destroyed Jericho?

Answers: 1) Boaz; 2) cow; 3) Abraham; 4) Patmos; 5) Jehoiakim; 6) Lot’s wife; 7) Aaron; 8) Tarsus; 9) burning bush; 10) resist; 11) Jael; 12) Matthew; 13) Nazirites; 14) adder; 15) Moriah; 16) legion; 17) Well of Harod; 18) children; 19) merry; 20) Achan

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