God Hears!

Photo by:  Enoc Valenzuela

When you hear the word Christian, what thought comes to mind?  Over the last decade much scandal has tarnished the word Christian, leaving the word “Christian” with a bad taste in many individuals minds.  In many cases, these scandals have caused many to leave their home church; and making it much harder for genuine Christians to witness to the loss.  But, fortunately, there are many who still believe and are actively serving the Lord not allowing other’s failures to influence their commitment to God.  As one of the committed Believer’s I would like to share my life’s journey as a Believer and what keeps me believing.

My journey began with Father God at an early age when He introduced Himself to me through my Mother.  My siblings and I never attended a physical church, our church was at home.  My sisters and I would climb into our Mother’s bed and she would tell us the most beautiful stories about the characters found in the Bible.  Then, when I turned 11 or 12 my Mother enrolled us in “Back To The Bible”  a mail order Bible study course.  These stories and classes would transport me, in my mind, to days of old with me trying to imagine the power of an awesome God and leaving me hungry for wanting to know more of Him.

I had my first encounter with Father God at age 12.  My sister, Kat, and I slept on the third floor of our childhood home.  One particular night there was a horrible thunderstorm and I was petrified of storms!  With every strike of lightning and boom of thunder (being on the third floor) our entire room would light up.  I thought I was going to perish!  That night out of desperation I prayed my first prayer of help to the God I learned of in the Bible.  To my amazement, God answered me!  I was surprised because I didn’t know that God answered people; but He did that night.  In a still small voice, He said to me “I will never leave you!”  Those words where what I needed for comfort and assurance that I wasn’t going to die that night.  I went to sleep, for the first time ever in a storm, believing that God was there watching over me. I would like to say that I got saved that night, but I didn’t!  I had never heard the word “saved” until 12 years later; the day God “saved” me  but I always felt His presence around me.

As I write of my journey as a Christian I am reminded of the historical account of the children of Israel.  They were in hard captivity for 400 years.  When they cried out to God, God said to Moses; “I have also heard the groaning of the children of Israel, whom the Egyptians keep in bondage; and I have remembered my covenant” (Exodus 6:5).  God did remember them!  He delivered the children of Israel with a mighty hand and devastated the Egyptians.  God took them into the wilderness to teach them and to reveal His presence to them.  He did this by “cloud” during the day and by “fire” during the night.   God’s visible presence remained with them until they entered the Promise Land.  I felt or sensed God’s presence until I entered the promised land of rest through salvation and His presence now lives in my heart!

Jeremiah 33:3 reads “call unto Me (God) and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which you knowest not.”  This is actually what I did as child!  I called and He answered.  God spoke a mighty word to me.  Through this experience, I learned that God always hears the cry of a sincere heart.  Do you need God in your life?  What are you struggling with, are you in despair?  Do you need salvation?  Call unto Him and He will answer your heart’s cry!  Jesus has the answers for whatever life is throwing at you!  To be continued……!

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