Patience Training

Photo by David Beale

Patience is something I often lack and I am quite sure there are many others with me in this boat called “Patience Training.”  Have your ever found yourself at a checkout line that seemed to be a mile long and found yourself at the 3 quarter mile marker?  Did you patiently wait in line, or did you become annoyed, irritated and complaining because there weren’t enough checkout persons?

We live in what many call the “microwave generation!”  We don’t want to patiently wait for anything or anyone.  Homeowners want all the newest and latest appliances and/or furniture now!  They don’t want to wait patiently until they have saved enough money to pay cash for these items or use second-hand items in the interim – no way they say!  Instead, they use credit cards or personal credit.   Months down the road they find themselves in a financial dilemma all because they didn’t want to patiently wait.  How about this, our transportation, whether carpool or bus is late, instead of praying, we become anxious and irritated.  Not knowing the circumstances behind their lateness, we allow it to control our emotions, ruining the rest of our day.

This past weekend, Sept. 7th, I was on the “Patience Boat.”  My husband and I hosted our Second Annual Fundraiser Luncheon for a specific program at our ministry.   Planning for this Luncheon was months in the works.  We were on strict time constraints with the venue hall we rented.  The program was divided into three parts.  After Part One lunch was to be served, followed by Parts 2 and 3.  The program started out as planned, we had just finished Part One, when I received a note the caterer was going to be late.

My first reaction was, what now!  This can’t be happening. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I like for everything I do to be perfect or to run as planned.  I found myself getting somewhat unnerved.  What was so ironic about this is that the speakers were all preaching messages on the “fruit of the spirit.”

After Part One, I communicated to the audience we would be taking a 10-minute break (time for me to breathe).  During break time Holy Spirit took control of the problem at hand, He had a Pastor in the audience send word to me to continue with the program, He then empowered my daughter to take control of the situation (I thank God for her).  Then, Holy Spirit at that very moment spoke to me and said “life happens, don’t let it control you!”  I started breathing again, realizing Holy Spirit had this!  Although the caterer was an hour and 20 minutes late, and we had other hiccups in the program, Holy Spirit ministered to the audience and to me.  His presence was so heavy in the room, that you could almost reach out and touch His Shekinah Glory.  My need to be perfect was gone and I rested in His presence.  This was a valuable lesson for me to “let go and let God have control,” learning, He will “work it out!”

James 1:4 reads “But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”  James is instructing Believers to not let trials of life control them, but rather persevere with joy knowing that our perseverance through this trial will mature us.  Our faith will grow, trusting Father God even more, and our patience will make us stronger lacking and wanting nothing in this world.

I learned a great lesson that day. When the devil tries to bring destruction into  our lives  wait patiently on God .  TRUST in Father God, no matter what the circumstances.  He will work out all things together for the good of them that love.