Believe in Miracles!

Photo by Miltiafis-Frag (unsplash)

Lead By God
When my husband and I aren’t on weekend getaways, we take one day excursions.  This one particular day while on an unplanned excursion,  we were lead to eat at a restaurant in a neighboring small town about an hour from our home.  The waitress seated us at a booth next to two men, an older man, who looked to be about 70, and a younger man, who looked to be in his 30’s.  As I was being seated I over heard the older man speaking excitedly to the younger man.  I discreetly listened as the older man was sharing his  testimony to the younger man.  Apparently, the older man had had an illness and he was sharing the good news of his healing to the  younger man.  He said, “I am healed and it was a supernatural healing.  Doctors can’t heal,” he said, “only God can heal a persons body.”  The older man was very excited about the healing God had done in his body.  He was so excited he begin witnessing to the younger man the power of healing that only God can perform.  He repeatedly said, “it’s a miracle, it’s a miracle!  Only God can perform miracles and heal my body like this!” He continued sharing with this young man about life and what happens when people are healed with no explanation for it.  He started praising God and giving Him the glory for his healing and for His Word being true!  Remember now, this is taking place in a busy restaurant and what was so amazing is that the older man’s excitement didn’t disturb the other guests. It was as if Holy Spirit created an atmosphere of peace and seclusion long enough for the older man to plant spiritual seeds into the heart of the younger man –  and Holy Spirit allowed me to hear and witness the older man’s testimony. As I listened, I could sense my spirit coming into agreement with the older man’s spirit about his supernatural healing, and I became excited for him.  I actually forgot my husband was with me!  I so wanted to talk with the older man, but I didnt want to interfere with what Holy Spirit was doing at their table.  As they got up to leave the older man said to the young man, “I will never stop reading the Word, the Word is life.”

God Still Performs Miracles
From what I over heard of the conversation, the older man had apparently been ill and the doctors either had no solution or he would have needed a serious operation, and at his age it would not have been a favorable operation. As they got up to leave the older man was exhorting the younger man, “son, read the Bible, the Bible is life.”  The older man was confident that he knew the answers he needed for the journey he was on was found only in the Word of God (Bible).  He testified that he placed his faith in God, applied the truths of the Word, and he believed God for healing in his physical body!   The result!  God responded to the older man’s faith by giving him what he believed and asked for – healing!

Simply Believe
I too believe God’s Word is alive and active and has transforming power to heal the sick; to heal a wounded soul; to save a soul, etc.  Friends, the Word of God defeated satan at the Cross, and set all the captives free.  We don’t have to live in fear of anything that comes our way.  What are you wanting God to do for you?  Believe in miracles, that come only from God.  Believe the Word, which is Jesus!  Believe the Word is “alive and active” and trust God for the results!  God is no respecter of person!  SIMPLY BELIEVE WITHOUT DOUBTING, AND THOSE MOUNTAINS WILL BE MOVED!

• The Word of God (Bible) is “alive and active” performing its purpose.
• God’s Word is transforming, it can perform miracles for those who believe.
• God responds to “faith.”
• Age is just a number to God, He can and will respond to “whosoever” believes and puts their trust in Him.
• The Word of God has the answer for all of life’s problems.

Seek God and His wisdom, He will never disappoint you.