Fun Book Tag

Hello Blogging Family and happy new year to everyone once again. I was recently tagged for a fun book tag by Amy at   Thanks a lot for including me on this fun journey.

Amy is a very creative and inspiring blogger. Her blog touches on many aspects of life and are very uplifting and encouraging to read.  Please check out her blog.  The originator of the “Fun Book Tab is Anushka at please check out her blog also.  

The rules:
Link back to the original creator, Madame Writer.

Link back to the person who tagged you or the blog where you first saw the tag.

Answer all prompts.   Add one more prompt of your own.
Tag at least 5 people.
Don’t lie. 

Have fun.
If my answer is yes, I’ll get one point. If it’s no, then I’ll nothing. I’ve got 16 prompts, let’s begin with the answers.

1. Never have I ever read a later book in a series before reading the first book.
: No.  I haven’t read many series, but the one I had the opportunity to read I started with Book One.

2. Never have I ever burned a book.
:  No, I always donate my books to others. But, I have ripped up books that I thought wasn’t worth reading and didn’t want to burden someone else with it.

3. Never have I ever read a book I know I would hate.
:  Yes, I had to read Old English poetry in High School which I hated.  Personally, I try to purchased books of my interest.  Many times I have bought books and upon reading them didn’t like the flow of the book or it was too dry in reading and gave them away.

4. Never have I ever wrote a fanfiction about my favorite books.
: No I haven’t.

5. Never have I loved a book when I was young and hated it when I got older.
: No I have never.  I still love the children’s book I read and have read many of them to my children.

6. Never have I ever dressed up as one of my favorite literary characters.
: No I haven’t, but for fun, I visualize their dress attire in my mind.

7. Never have I ever hated a book by an author I love.
: No, I have never.

8. Never have I gone into a book store to buy one book and came out with many.
:  Yes, every time I go to the bookstore I always end up purchasing more than one book. I love reading and love books.  My secret addiction.

9. Never have I ever read the end of a book before reading the book.
: Yes, I have.  Just once thought.  The book was so well written that I had to sneak and found out what happened to the main character.

10. Never have I read a book without the dust cover.
: Yes I have, but because I love books so much, I will purchase a cover for it.

11. Never have I ever skim read nearly half a book.
:  Yes, I have, especially with books that are difficult to read or books that are so wordily that it takes forever to get to the point of the matter. 

12. Never have I ever spoiled a book for someone.
:  Yes I have. It wasn’t done intentionally.

13. Never have I ever seen the movie before reading the book.
: Yes I have, but only once.

14. Never have I ever lost a book.
:   Yes, I have.

15. Never have I read a book upside down.
: No I haven’t.

I got 8/16. I guess I tried.

Here’s my own prompt.

16.  Never have I listened to an audible book to keep from reading a book.

 Answer:  NoI find reading a book myself stirs up my imagination.

 Whenever I tag someone they don’t respond. So, I tag you!  To anyone reading this, I tag you. Feel free to accept it.