The Amazement Of A Child (Nature Of An Adult)

Photo by Ben Wicks (unsplash)

Written by Charles S. Head

As we travel through life, we come across things that we don’t always understand about human nature. They sometimes become an amazement that provokes our thoughts to the fullest extent.

When we think we have got many things all figured out, they overrule all that we thought they were. Jesus, as He was teaching His disciples in Matthew 18:1-6, took a child and put the child in the midst of them in order to demonstrate His point. In verses 1-6 the disciples asked Jesus a question about who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus’ response was in the two key verses of 3 and 4 and reads “Verily I say unto you, except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Whosoever, therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.” Our children depend on us as adults to take care of them and to be able to handle any problem that may come their way. On the other hand, they can sometimes put us through a test as a parent or grandparent. In reality, when certain things may bother them or they don’t understand, they will come to us in a humble way and expect us to know all the answers.

I have a nine (9) year old grandson who is very strong-willed and outspoken. He will always give his opinion on the matter without hesitation and as a result I am put to a test quite often. I have to continually be reminded that “he is still a child at times,” though he acts as if he were an adult with an attitude.

When it comes to certain questions about life, the child nature will manifest itself with a humble question on how life works, and many times refers to the Bible or about God; I then have to humble myself as a grandfather, ask my Heavenly Father for wisdom to give him an answer. I have shared many scriptures with him since the age of three (3) and always prayed with him and for him. To my amazement, this week our discussion about the Bible became quite different and unique. I usually pray with him in the morning and he loves having a devotion at the dining room table before school. This week he decided he wanted to start a study on the Book of Revelation. What’s unusal about this is that I’ve talked to many adults through the years who don’t want to read the Book of Revelation, yet my grandson wants to hear what it’s about.

So, I had to humble myself, beginning each morning between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m. to pull my study Bible out and teach my grandson the Book of Revelation before he gets on the school bus. I have to admit that the Lord has been with us each morning, as He gives wisdom and understanding to His word. This is an example of what Jesus meant to His disciples. As adults we have to humble ourselves and look to God, our Heavenly Father, just as a child looks to us to lead them in the right direction.

I truly believe there will be great benefits in both my and my grandson’s life as a result of these experiences.

Written by Charles S. Head