Names of God – Jehovah M’kaddesh

We serve one God with many titles associated to His name. As we read through the Bible, we learn that during Biblical days, names were given to individuals to identify the character of that person. So, in Biblical days when God showed himself strong on behalf of an individual, they expressed their gratitude by naming the act of deliverance with a title to God’s name. For example, God’s formal name is Jehovah so when an individual expressed their gratitude toward Jehovah and wanted others to know what He had done in their life, they added a suffix to His name. This suffix serves as a visual display of the character of Jehovah’s name for what He has done for them.  When God provided a ram for Abraham on Mt. Moriah, Abraham called God Jehovah-jireh.  Meaning, Jehovah My provider.  In essence what Abraham is announcing to others is that we can depend upon Jehovah to be our provider.

Our study for today will be God’s name Jehovah M’kaddesh – “the Lord Who Sanctifies!  Sanctifies means to be set apart. 

Our introduction to Jehovah M’kaddesh is found in the Book of Leviticus. The children of Israel have been freed from the affliction of bondage in Egypt by the LORD and He has led them into the wilderness.  In the wilderness the LORD is going to form the children of Israel into a nation to be set apart from the rest of the surrounding nations.  The children of Israel had many years of bondage from Egypt imbedded in them that needed purged out of their spirits.

The Israelites were taught by Jehovah M’kaddesh, through Moses, precepts and principles about how to be followers of God. These precepts and principles taught the children of Israel they were sinners that needed dealt with in order to come into relationship with Him.  Jehovah M’kaddesh established a sacrificial system to temporarily deal with their sinfulness.  He also taught them how to live abundantly on earth through purity and justice; and how to have an intimate fellowship with Him.  In other words, Jehovah M’kaddesh instructed them to be holy as He is holy. 

The Israelites learned that sanctification is an ongoing process – meaning they would fail and fall into sin and that sin needed dealt with, for there is no “sinless perfection.” The forgiveness of sin was dealt with through the sacrificial system instituted by Jehovah M’kaddesh. This sacrificial system pointed to the coming Messiah who would one day take away the sins of the world through His shed blood.   

Today’s Believers are sanctified through what is called “positional sanctification,” which is, the moment they accept Jesus as their Savior, they become justification (right standing with God) and sanctified by the shed blood of Jesus.  When Father God looks at a Believer, He sees them clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.  A person living a sanctified life is to reflect the image of the “living God” who created them.  This is done through the Believer’s daily responsibility of growing in Christ by studying the Word and allowing the Word to transform them from the influences of this world.

Believers, similar to the children of Israel, have many years of bondage of sin from the influences of this world, to be purged from them.  Just as there was no “sinless” perfection for the children of Israel, there is no “sinless perfection” for today’s Believer.  We will make mistakes, we will make wrong choices, and we will be tempted!  When we fall, we must confess our sin or sins to God for forgiveness and to ask those we offended for forgiveness also.  We won’t experience permanent sanctification until we are physically with Jesus.

No one is perfect, so we will make mistakes, but know that we have an advocate that sits at the right hand of Father God.  So, when we fall into sin, we need to run immediately to Father God and ask Him for forgiveness.  There is no sin that Jehovah M’kaddesh will not forgive, accept blaspheme of Holy Spirit.  When you have confessed your sins, leave them at the Cross and don’t walk in condemnation (guilt).  HE WILL FORGIVE!  By FAITH believe.

Friends sanctification begins within our spirit, it is a spiritual growth by which Jehovah M’kaddesh progressively makes us more like Jesus Christ.  Pastor Tony Evans states that: “God is busy transforming us from the inside out.  It begins inwardly in our spirits, and then proceeds out from there to our souls and finally to our bodies.”  This growth begins at salvation and continues until Father God takes us home.

So, when Jehovah M’kaddesh communicates a sin, bad habit, addiction, an offense, etc., to a Believer’s spirit for cleansing and purging – they need to work with Him.  Because God loves us He doesn’t want us to remain in the condition of our past, which is the bondage of Egypt, i.e., the influences of this world.

S.N.A.C.K. on the Word of God

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