Bible Quiz #7

Photo by Ben White

1.       According to Apostle Paul, at what name will every knee bow in heaven and earth?

2.       True or false: Jesus was rejected in many cities, but He was warmly received in His hometown of Nazareth.

3.       What did Jesus do to serve His disciples at the Last Supper?

4.       Which son of Jesse succeeded Saul as king?

5.       Jonah told the Ninevites that they had how many days left before God would destroy them?

6.       What disease was the army commander Naaman healed of?

7.       What angel announced the birth of Jesus to His mother Mary?

8.       How were Job’s children killed?

9.       The disciples received the Holy Spirit during what special holiday?

10.     Bethlehem is the city of?

11.     What disciples denied Jesus three times?

12.     To reach heaven, the people tried to build what?

13.     What parable did Jesus quote: “My son…you are always with me, and everything I have is yours?”

14.     What kind of bread were the Israelites to eat in during their Passover Celebration?

15.     In what Books of the Bible will you find the Ten Commandments?

16.     How old was Jesus when He marveled the people in the Temple with His spiritual wisdom?

17.     What did Jesus do when He saw the money changers in the temple?

18.     God changed Jacob’s name.  What name did God change it to?

19.     How many days did God use to create the world and everything in it?

20.     How many loaves of bread and fishes did Jesus turn into a meal for five thousand men?

Answers: 1) Jesus; 2) False; 3) washed their feet; 4) David; 5) Forty; 6) Leprosy: 7) Gabriel; 8) Wind; 9) Pentecost; 10) David; 11) Peter; 12) Tower of Babel; 13) Parable of the Prodigal Sone; 14) Unleavened Bread; 15) Exodus and Deuteronomy; 16) Twelve; 17) Overturned the tables and angrily rebuked them; 18) Israel; 19) Six days; 20) Five

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