Journey To Healing: A Wounded Soul #1

Once a week I teach Biblical Studies at a Bible School to students working toward their ordination.  During one of our sessions, a student asked the question, “why do some people answer the call to Jesus for salvation, then do nothing to grow in their walk with the Lord?” 

As we looked to the Word for our answer, we learned that we all come to Jesus the same way!  Holy Spirit draws us with the Truth of God’s Word.  We then answer the call, by accepting Jesus or rejecting Him.  If we accept Jesus as our Savior, we come into the Kingdom of God with our baggage from the past, which I will call “a wounded soul!”

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Although our sins are forgiven upon salvation, most have a difficult time surrendering wounds afflicted upon them by their loved ones, peers, or broken relationships.  The psalmist cries “why art thou cast down O my soul? And why art thou disquieted in me? Hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise Him for the help of His countenance” (Psalm 42:5). There are many individuals in the Body of Christ with “cast down souls!” Unfortunately, some of these individuals have nurtured their wounded souls for so long that they have become very comfortable with staying imprisoned with their baggage of the past, which is unhealthy for a victorious Christian life.

When God saved me some 40+ years ago, I too held onto my baggage from the past.  I was excited about being in the Kingdom of God.  I studied the Bible, attended Church every Sunday, but was afraid to surrender my wounded soul of rejection, shame, anger, feeling of not be loved by God, self-hatred and people-pleasing wounds.  Thank God, He is long-suffering and patient with us! It took 10 years into my Christian walk with the Lord, when He was able to break through my years of nurturing the wounds from my past. 

Photo by Artem Beliaikin (unsplash)

My breakthrough came when I learned that God loved me immensely and nothing or no one could stop God from loving me.  I was in His hands and no one could take me out of His hands accept me.  Thirty years later, God has set me free from all the baggage of my past, but I am still a work in progress growing each and every day blooming in the Kingdom of God.

Our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord, who others think are complacent in the Kingdom of God, are struggling with releasing their wounds from the past.  As Holy Spirit spotlights areas in their lives that He wants to heal them from, it is up to that individual to work with Him for healing and deliverance. 

  • Healing is a choice!  Holy Spirit will not force us to be healed!
  • The individual must acknowledge that he/she have a wounded soul that needs healing and is willing to surrender that wound at the cross never to pick it up again.

Isaiah 53:5 states that “by His (Jesus) stripes we are healed…”  Jesus took on our infirmities, hurts, wounds, and sins on His body for you, me and the entire world.  The price for our healing was paid for on the Cross by Jesus Christ.

When we know of individuals struggling in their Christian walk, it is our ministry as a Believer to pray for those individuals to surrender their wounds to be free to enjoy the abundant Christian life Father God wants for all His children.

In your journal:

  • List one wound you are struggling with, such as people-pleasing, perfectionism, etc.
  • Ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you the reason you suffer with this wound, and record it in your journal.
  • Now, ask Holy Spirit to guide you to a scripture to replace that lie (of whatever your wound is) with the Truth of God’s Word.

Now, Today Proclaim:

  • By Jesus stripes I am healed.
  • Today, I refuse to live in rejection, shame, guilt and fear anymore.
  • My healing has been paid for! I am a free agent!

The Word of God has the power to transform and heal anyone who puts his/her trust in Father God for healing.

S.N.A.C.K. on the Word


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