Bible Quiz #8

Photo by Ben White (unsplash)

1.       What talent did God give to Daniel that helped the king?

2.       What form did the Holy Spirit take on when He descended on Jesus after His baptism in the Jordan River?

3.       What three things did God create on the fourth day to light the universe?

4.       What apostle was originally named Saul?

5.       True or false?  Did John the Baptist write the Gospel of John?

6.       Where did God plant a garden and place the man, Adam after He created him?

7.       True or false.  When the New Testament was written, Israel was the largest and most powerful nation on earth?

8.       What did Jesus ask the woman at the well to give Him?

9.       True or false: The first bird Noah sent away from the Ark was a dove?

10.     What relationship did Abram tell the Egyptian about him and Sarai to gain favor with him?

11.     What did the Lord do when he saw that the men were trying to build a tower to reach heaven?

12.     What did Jesus command His followers to show to their enemies?

13.     On what surface did Jesus say a wise man built his house on?

14.     How many days did Jesus fast in the desert when satan tempted   Him.

15.     Who will judge all of us?

16.     In which book of the Bible will you find the story of Gideon.

17.     What prostitute urged the men of Jericho to quickly pursue two Israelite spies while she hid them?

18.     What disaster caused Jacob to send his sons from Canaan to Egypt?

19.     What did Jesus promise that God the Father would give to anyone who asked?

20.     What did Hannah request of God and how did God answer Hannah’s prayer?

Answers: 1) Understanding of visions and dreams; 2) Dove; 3) the sun, the moon, and the stars; 4) Paul; 5) False; 6) Eden; 7) False; 8) water 9) False, it was a raven; 10) Sarai was his sister; 11) Caused them to speak different languages; 12) Love; 13) on the rock; 14) Forty; 15) Jesus Christ; 16) Judges 17) Rahab; 18) famine; 19) the Holy Spirit; 20) for a son – God gave her a son

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