Bible Quiz #9

Photo by Aaron Burden (unsplash)

1.   What nickname did Jesus give to the disciple brothers James and John?

2.    When the Israelites moved into the Promised Land, what city became the permanent home of the tabernacle?

3.    What town, whose name means “house of bread,” was near the site where Rachel was buried?

4.    Who ministered to Jesus after His temptation in the wilderness?

5.    In the Bible, Christians are sometimes referred to as _________?

6.    True or false:  Ahab angered God more than any king of Israel before him.

7.     In the beginning was the _____, and the _____ was with God, and the _____ was God.

8.     Which tribe of Israel had responsibility for moving the ark?

9.     Leah’s story is recorded in what book of the Bible?

10.   What did the Philistines do after David killed Goliath?

11.   What did God tell Moses he was standing on when he approached the burning bush?

12.   When Samuel was a lad, how man times did God him, before he answered, “speak, for they servant heareth?”

13.   Who was the Caesar that ordered the census that brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem?

14.   What was the name of the mountain that Moses received the Ten Commandments?

15.   What did the Israelite spies who explored Canaan say they looked like compared to the giants they saw in the land?

16.   What husband and wife died after lying about the amount of money they gave as an offering?

17.   What did Jesus say was more likely to go through the eye of a needle that for a rich man to enter heaven?

18.   What “Mount of” did Jesus frequent often?

19.   What door-openers to the kingdom of heaven did Jesus say He would give to Peter?

20.   What evil queen influenced her husband king Ahab into baal worship?   


Answers: 1) Boanerges or Sons of Thunder; 2) Shiloh; 3) Bethlehem; 4) angels; 5) sheep; 6) True; 7) Word, Word, Word; 8) Levi; 9) Genesis; 10) they ran away; 11) holy ground; 12) the fourth call; 13) Augustus; 14) Mt. Sinai; 15) grasshoppers; 16) Ananias and Sapphira; 17) a camel; 18) Olive; 19) keys; 20) Jezebel

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