Journey to Healing: What’s Love God to Do With It?

Photo by Artem Beliaikin

There was a season in my life that I didn’t believe in love, and I am quite sure there are others that believe the same way!  I thought it was fake and that people pretended they loved you just to get something from you! So, for many years I quoted the phrase “what’s love got to do with It” from a popular singer.  The artist sang this song out her own pain from broken relationships, so I easily identified with her pain, along with another phrase from her song that “love is a secondhand emotion!”

When Father God revealed Himself to me through His character of “love” that’s when I began to understand that “love is not a secondhand emotion!”

To understand love, we need to truly know God’s character. Knowing God’s character of love and allowing Him to love on us, is when we come into the truth of genuine love and compassion.  When we don’t know experientially God’s character, we love out of false emotions, wounding others.

God is LOVE and He gave each of us the wonderful gift of LOVE.  We all need to learn how to LOVE God with our entire being, and learn how to LOVE others as ourselves with genuine LOVE and not with the hurt and pain we experience in our heart!

In your journal:

  • Write your definition of love.
  • Write hurts you’ve experienced from others because they don’t understand genuine love and purpose in your heart to forgive them.
  • Write how you hurt others because of your lack of understanding of genuine love and ask God to forgive you.
  • Compose a prayer asking Father God to reveal His character of love to you, and to heal any woundedness in your soul that prevents you from loving others without anything in return.

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