Journey to Healing: “The Real Superhero”

Photo by: Edward Cisneros

Superhero characters are very popular.  Growing up I remember watching Superman and Batman thinking “how cool! They have masks to hide their real identity, no one will ever know who they really are.”

In today’s culture, Superhero characters are more popular than my growing years of the 50’s. Comic books old and new are being sold for large amounts of money. Movies are released yearly portraying the power of Superhero characters; and to keep one’s love for these characters, you can catch TV rerun series of your favorite Superhero.

Currently, the world offers yearly Superhero conventions. So, why the attraction to Superheroes? Why is this industry very popular bringing in millions of dollars yearly? Why the popularity? Let’s examine these Superheroes!  What is interesting to me is that there are two types of Superhero characters: the good ones and the bad ones.  Good Superheroes, during the day are average, mild-mannered individuals; but when trouble arises, their alter-ego personality appears in the form of an indestructible Superhero ready to save an individual, city, or a group of people from the bad Superhero. The bad superheroes are usually angry individuals due to a mishap in their lives or they are seeking revenge for someone they loved and loss. In both cases, however, they trust the alter-ego inside them to become the Superhero they have identified with as they put on their masks.

Why are we so drawn to the false image of Superheroes? In my opinion, many identify with Superhero characters because of hurts they have suffered through a dysfunctional family life, so they secretly long for an alter-ego within to destroy the enemy of hurt and pain.  Friends, rejection in any form causes many to seek release from their emotional pain by wearing masks to keep them from showing their true identity.  Individuals that know Jesus Christ as their Savior can take off the mask! 

Upon salvation, God gives every Believer a wonderful gift! The gift of Holy Spirit, who will dwell within every Believer.  Holy Spirit is every Believer’s Superhero!   Faith, not anger or bitterness, but FAITH is what Holy Spirit recognizes within Believers.  When FAITH rises up in a Believer, Holy Spirit works with that Believer’s faith to move mountains or obstacles.  Believers also know of an evil one who thinks he is a superhero, trying to prevent us from operating by faith! That evil one is satan!  But, when we take our rightful position of faith and resist satan, he will flee from us.

Why is faith so important?  Mark 16:17-18 states “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

Believers have authority within them that they either forgot or don’t realize they have in order to perform Mark 16:17-18.  Father God didn’t leave us unarmed, Holy Spirit, faith and speaking the Word of God is our activation!

Believers, are you ready to take off your false mask of rejection, unforgiveness, bitterness, revenge, etc., and learn what a real Superhero can do in you for the Kingdom of God?  Are you ready to identify yourself with Jesus who has all authority and has given it to us?  Are you ready?

Love and faith are the two keys that Holy Spirit recognizes, and you don’t have to hide your identity!  Father God has given each of His children a Superhero to, first, heal us from all hurts, and secondly, to use us in His Kingdom to do signs and wonders in a loss and dying world. Holy Spirit our Superhero is waiting for our permission to allow Him to cleanse us of all bad character flaws that are holding us hostage. Father God loves us too much and wants us set free from the past of old hurtful baggage.

Invented Superheroes are not real, they have been created in someone’s mind to ease their pain.  So, let’s all come out of the make-believe world and enter into the real world in which Father God is the ONLY SUPERPOWER!  The Superpower that sent His only Begotten Son to die on a Cross to pay the penalty of sin; and to send to all that believe in His Son Jesus, the gift of Holy Spirit. 

Eternal life with Father God is the ultimate gift for every Believer from an awesome loving Father, who has All SUPERNATURAL POWER, which He has given to us by FAITH.

“…..For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.” Matthew 6:13 KJV

Superman is no longer my favorite Superhero.  Jesus is my ALL-TIME SUPERHERO! Who is your Superhero?

In Your Journal:

  • Write how you see yourself? Who do you identify self with?
  • List areas of character flaws you need to surrender to God.


  • I am a chosen child of God.
  • I identify myself with Jesus, my Savior.
  • I no longer need to hide behind a mask.

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