“Shadow of His Wings”

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“How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! Therefore, the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.” (Psalm 36:7 KJV)

What do you put your trust in?  Your money? Your job? Or is your trust in man and their inability to solve the world’s dilemma brought on due to man’s rejection of God Almighty?

Friends, we are living in troubled times that has brought about much confusion and unusual new norms of lifestyles.  So, the answer for peace and safety doesn’t lie within man, our answer for peace and safety is found only within God Almighty. 

Psalm 36:7 reveals to the reader that God is full of “lovingkindness.”  The Hebrew dictionary defines “loving-kindness” as: Chesed.  Like many Hebrew words, Chesed does not translate precisely into English. The word means simply “kindness.” Often translated as “loving-kindness,” chesed means giving oneself fully with love and compassion.  In other words, Holy Spirit is describing Father God’s character as one who has fully committed Himself to be a God full of love and compassion toward His children.

Father God has manifested His love and compassion through the Psalmist in the verse of scripture above and he wants us to know that we too can find assurance and safety hiding under the shadow of God’s wings.

When I was a single parent, raising three children, times were very difficult financially and I encountered many adversities at my place of employment.  When I called upon Father for help, He would rescue me.  The rescue wasn’t always the way I envisioned, but Father’s always knows best.  As I learned to hid under the safety of the shadow of Father’s wings, I found rest and peace in the LORD to endure.   I learned experientially that putting my trust in God is more excellent than seeking man’s wisdom or help.

What troubles or concerns are weighing you down? Are world events taking your peace? Are you struggling with financial problems? Are you experiencing marital problems? Worried about your health? No matter the problem, Father God is able!  Father God’s “lovingkindness” is inviting you today to rest from your heavy burdens and from the troubles of this world.  He is calling you to take refuge under the shadow of His wings.  Friends, stop for a moment and imagine yourself running under the shadow of Father God’s wings, resting in His shadow without the burdens of this world and casting on your cares upon Him as you “rest” under the shadow of God’s wings. Now that’s what I call “peace” and “safety.”

Today, choose to trust in the shadow of God’s wings instead of your circumstances or man’s wisdom.

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