Bible Quiz #17

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Welcome to our Monday Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

1.      Who paid Judas to betray Jesus?

2.      Which Old Testament Book begins with the letter A?

3.       What did the Jewish Law forbid on the Sabbath Day?

4.       Which king was the great-grandson of Ruth?

5.       Which king created Israel’s first merchant navy?

6.       What creature ate the gourd which sheltered Jonah?

7.       What does frankincense come from?

8.       A missionary is someone who converts people to their religion – true or false?

9.       What kind of craftsman was Demetrius?

10.     Who was a “mighty hunter?”

11.     What did Moses take off when he saw the burning bush?

12.     What is the smallest living creature mentioned in the Bible?

13.     Which prophet was nearly poisoned by a pot of stew?

14.     What were king Solomon’s drinking vessels made of?

15.     What food did the ravens bring to feed Elijah?

16.     Who told a story about a master giving talents to his servants?

17.     Whose last words were, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them?”

18.     Which version of the Bible was published in 1961?

19.     What part of Adam’s body did God use to make Eve?

20.     Who was the brother of Shem and Ham?

Answers: 1) the chief priest; 2) Amos; 3) all work; 4) David; 5) king Solomon; 6) a worm; 7) a bark of a tree; 8) true; 9) a silversmith; 10) Nimrod; 11) his shoes; 12) a flea; 13) Elisha; 14) gold; 15) bread and meat; 16) Jesus; 17) Stephen’s last words; 18) the New English Bible; 19) one of his ribs; 20) Jajpheth

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