Bible Quiz #19

Photo by Ben White (unsplash)

Welcome to our Monday Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

1.       How many of Paul’s letters are there in the New Testament?

2.       Which of Joseph’s brothers was accused of stealing a silver cup?

3.       Who put a red thread in her window in Jericho?

4.       Which prophet saw a vision of God in heaven with seraphim above him?

5.       How many wings did a seraph have?

6.       Which Jewish girl became the wife of Xerxes I, King of Persia?

7.       Who climbed a tree because he was too short to see Jesus?

8.       Who was Peter talking about when he said, “I do not know this man of whom you speak?”

9.       How many epistles did John write?

10.     Who was put under house arrest in Rome?

11.     How did the Israelites cook the quails they caught in the desert?

12.     Which Gospel begins with the words; “In the beginning was the Word?”

13.     What was the name of king Ahab’s cruel wife?

14.     How old was Josiah when he became king of Judah?

15.     What happened to Peter when he tried to walk on water?

16.     What were the streets of Jerusalem paved with in St. John’s vision?

17.     How did king Saul die?

18.     What was the name of king Herod’s wife?

19.     Which is the fourth Gospel?

20.     Which is the first building mentioned in the Bible?

Answers: 1) Thirteen; 2) Benjamin; 3) Rahab; 4) Isaiah; 5) Six; 6) Esther; 7) Zacchaeus; 8) Jesus; 9) Three; 10) Paul; 11) they roasted them; 12) the Gospel of John; 13) Jezebel; 14) eight years old; 15) it sank; 16) gold; 17) he killed himself with his own sword; 18) Herodias; 19) the Gospel of John; 20) the tower of Babel

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