Bible Quiz #20

Photo by: Aaron Burden (unsplash)

Welcome to our Monday Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

1.    How many spies did Moses send into Canaan?

2.    What valuable fruit did Solomon compare to good advice?

3.    Who used a stone for his pillow?

4.    What prophet experienced an earthquake, a strong wind, and a fire all in one day?

5.    What was special about a fish that Peter once caught?

6.    Who taught in the Temple in Jerusalem when he was only 12?

7.    Who spent a whole day and night floating in the sea after a shipwreck?

8.    Who saw a sea of glass?

9.    Did Adam live to be 90 or 930 years old?

10.  Who went from a prison cell to a palace in one day?

11.  Who only cut his hair once a year when it got too heavy?

12.  Why did some little boys mock the prophet Elisha?

13.  What are the first recorded words of Jesus?

14.  Which two books of the New Testament were written by a doctor?

15.  When in prison, who did Paul ask to bring him his cloak, books and parchments?

16.  What is the modern name for the sea called the “Salt Sea” in the Bible?

17.  How many years were the Israelites in Egypt?

18.  Which king was a shepherd, poet, and a musician?

19.  What did Jael use to kill Sisera?

20.  Who told his followers, “love one another as I have loved you?

Answers: 1) twelve; 2) golden apples; 3) Jacob; 4) Elijah; 5) it had a coin in its mouth; 6) Jesus; 7) Paul;   8) John in Revelation; 9) 930 years old; 10) Joseph; 11) Absalom; 12) because he was bald; 13) why did you seek me?; 14) Luke and Acts; 15) Timothy; 16) the Dead Sea; 17) 430 years; 18) king David; 19) a tent peg; 20) Jesus

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