Journey To Healing: Loneliness

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Have you every experience loneliness?  Loneliness is a very strange feeling – and that’s what it is a feeling!  I know about loneliness; I’ve been there a couple times and it’s an awful emotional feeling. In most cases, loneliness starts with a lie spoken to us by the enemy such as, “you aren’t good enough, people will never understand you, if others only knew the kind of person you are; or if only people knew about your life!” These are just a few lies spoken by the enemy to unsuspecting victims, but these lies are powerful enough to influence the victim to withdraw from others to hide themselves from society.

Loneliness is a strategy created by satan. His goal is to keep us isolated from others, because He knows when we are connected with others in truth and love, we can do damage to his kingdom.  He wants us to believe his lies that no one cares, that we are all alone and no wants to be around us.  He knows that negative thinking can cause depression, and depending on the seriousness of the victim’s depression suicide can follow.  I know, I’ve been there twice!

The feeling of loneliness is not normal, God created us to leave in peace and contentment! Satan tempts humans because he wants to destroy the goodness that God wants His creation to enjoy.  Satan wants to keep us bound emotionally, and he does a good job of this by attacking our minds with deadly lies.  He knows that if he can attack our minds with doubts about self and others, he can resurrect a stronghold in our minds.  Why? 

  • To tempt Believers into doubting God and Unbelievers into believing there is no God.  
  • To have humans feeling hopeless.
  • To keep Believers from knowing the goodness of God.
  • To keep mankind from knowing that they need God for their existence in life.

Loneliness not only drives us away from others, loneliness destroys our self-esteem and keeps us from loving self and others. I lived two years of my life in isolation from others, except for going to work.  Although people were near, I still felt lonely. My two years of isolation developed into depression and with the depression came constant negative thoughts about self and God.

David is a good example of someone who experienced loneliness. Having to run for his life and hide in caves from king Saul, he was separated from everyone he loved, which caused his soul to be cast down and lonely.

In Psalm 42 David expresses his feelings of loneliness, but also gives us the cure. 

  • David cries out to God expressing his feelings of a cast down soul.
  • David acknowledges his oppression is from the enemy.
  • David realizes his only hope is in God.
  • David sought God for healing from loneliness.
  • David praises God saying “He is the health of my countenance and my God.”

I’ve learned that loneliness starts with the spirit of oppression.  When this happens to you, read Psalm 42 and like David look to Father God for help.  He is our hope! Then:

1.        Close the door to negative thinking with the truth of God’s Word.

2.        If you have sin in your life, confess it immediately to Father God.

3.        Begin speaking affirmations of who you are in Christ Jesus.

4.        Play anointed worship music and sing along with the musician.

5.        Declare the greatness of God and His faithfulness in your life.

Keep your mind focused on God and as Joshua 1:9 says: “Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”  Every Believer has Holy Spirit dwelling within them, so where ever you go, Holy Spirit is with you, so be not afraid, trust in the God who dwells within you.”

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