Bible Quiz #22

Welcome to our Weekly Bible Quiz.  A time to refresh our memory with Bible history.

1.    Which animal was used to symbolically take away the sins of Israel?

2.    Who was the older of the two brothers, Moses or Aaron?

3.    Which creature, from the Book of Job, could run faster than a horse?

4.    What fruit was embroidered on the robes of the High Priest?

5.    What did Samson do with the city gates of Gaza?

6.    Where would you find the Sheep Gate, the Fish Gate, and the Tower of Ovens?

7.    Who said, “I am the door?”

8.    What is the name given to Jesus’ most famous sermon?

9.    Who was exiled to the island of Patmos?

10.  Which is the longest river in Israel?

11.  Who is the odd one out and why?  Abigail, Michal, Bathsheba, Ruth?

12.  What job did Nehemiah do at the court of king Artaxerxes?

13.  Where would you find the Dung Gate, the Valley Gate, and the Jackal’s Well?

14.  What does the word “gospel” mean?

15.  Who said, “prepare the way of the Lord?”

16.  When did Moses and Elijah appear with Jesus?

17.  When did the disciples fill 12 baskets with leftover bread and fish?

18.  What language did Jesus speak?

19.  Which set of laws showed the way for people to treat each other?

20.  Whose last words were, “strengthen me I pray, just this once, O Lord?”

Answers: 1) a goat; 2) Aaron; 3) the ostrich; 4) a pomegranate; 5) he walked off with them; 6) in Jerusalem; 7) Jesus; 8) the Sermon on the Mount; 9) John; 10) the river Jordan; 11) Ruth, she was not a wife of king David; 12) he was the royal wine steward; 13) in Jerusalem; 14) Good News; 15) John the Baptist; 16) at the transfiguration; 17) after the feeding of the 5000; 18) Aramaic; 19) the Ten Commandments; 20) Samson

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