Characters of The Bible: Daniel

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Article Written by Charles S. Head

I chose Daniel as one of my heroes of the Bible because I admire his love for God and his uncompromising work. It did not matter that he was threatened by those who opposed him praying to God on a daily basis (Daniel 6:1-23), he continued to pray three times a day even after he was told that he would be thrown into a den of lions for praying to the “only God of life.” 

Daniel was a youth around 18 years of age when he became captive in the first siege of Jerusalem and carried off to Babylon.  He was of the royal family of the king’s seed and was very skillful in wisdom, cunning in knowledge, understood science, highly  intelligence, and possessed linguistic ability (Dan. 1:4).  Yet, with all of his intelligence he was a humble man who knew where his intellect came from, the true and living God, the giver of all gifts.  Even after he had found favor with the prince of the eunuchs and was invited to eat of the king’s food, meat that was sacrificed to idols, he refused to do so.

Instead, he put up a challenge that if he ate a certain type of food, he could still remain healthy and yet get his approval to be presented to the king (Dan. 1:3-16).  Daniel proved himself to the prince of the eunuchs of the king who was appointed for this task. After ten days Daniel and three other Hebrews, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah were much healthier looking than those who ate from the king’s table.  Daniel proved by his actions that even in adversity with all odds against him that God is still God and He will see you through with victory. 

Daniel remained faithful to God and became a standard-bearer of faithfulness in Babylon for them to know that God is who He says He is and even more, because he continued to trust God and was able to interpret dreams.  He interpreted the kings dream and God gave him favor.  He went on to become the governor in Babylon.

His Work: He was of Jewish descent, but became governor of Babylon.

His Character:  Daniel was exile who exhibited great discipline and faithfulness to his God in adverse circumstances.

His Sorrow: Daniel experienced the tearing of his people from their homeland to be exiled in Babylon.  He was never able to return to the land he loved.

His Triumph:  God used his faith and his godly diligence to win the loyalty of kings and kingdoms.

Scriptures: Daniel 1-6

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